Why Do People Travel?

With millions of airplanes, trains and cars taking off every day, many wonder why do people travel? It has been a wonderment as to why people would choose to leave their houses and travel all around the world. There are many reasons as to why people enjoy traveling, with every reason different from person to person. These reasons are also sometimes extremely personal. Below is a list of some of the reasons or motivations that cause people to travel.

New Challenges and Experiences

This motivation holds true in a vast number of people that feel they have become stuck in a monotonous routine. Another reason for this could be to feed a yearning for an exciting yet different adventure. Humans are always craving new challenges and experiences which travel provides as the best avenue to test one’s skills offers.

Travellers are bound to explore just how resourceful they can be out of their element, with new experiences and people all around them. It could involve exploring a new city or trying to order a meal in a foreign language or even zip lining. There is bound to be pride when the trip has been successful, as overcoming trials is bound to bring happiness and renewed zeal for future experiences.

Visiting Family and Friends

Sometimes certain family members relocate to another nation, which can be on the other part of the globe. It can also be in a neighbouring country, nevertheless, there does come a time when you want to see them.

The wonderful things about visiting family members is that you get not only to catch up but there’s also a chance to witness another culture and see how the family members live. The new cultures experienced can sometimes encourage the desire to experience other countries of the globe.

To Spend Time And Make Memories With Friends

A world trip or gap year can be referred to as a wonderful moment in one’s life. The memories made are sure to last forever, and the only way to make those moments better is to make them with friends. Scheduling a trip away with friends is a wonderful way to finally say bye to them before heading off on different paths.

It can also be an amazing trip to have that strengthens the bond. For example, who wouldn’t want to explore the world and its cultures with their friends in tow for the fun?

Why people travel?

To Search for Love

This is a motivation as old as travel itself, as for years those unlucky in love or suffering from heartbreak have always taken a trip to get away or find love. Travelling is a great way to at least meet new people that share the interest in traveling and exploring new nations and cultures.

Whilst travelling doesn’t guarantee one would meet the love of his or her life, it does certainly offer numerous occasions to meet people.


Education is another motivation as to why people enjoy traveling, as they love the desire to have unfamiliar experiences and get new knowledge or skills. Witnessing the world holds more educational reward than sitting in a college class. Discovering new cultures is a condensed course in learning how the world lives and interacts.

Each destination has a unique lesson to teach its visitors and being able to immerse themselves in a totally new world is a wonderful life experience. People sometimes travel to study a new cuisine, language, new faith, deeper spirituality or aspects of a new culture. This means they can learn more than what they initially set out to, as new ways of doing things can be learnt.

They also gain a newer appreciation of new cultures, customs, places and people. This is experience is bound to last in the mind as learning is experienced in real time and not from a textbook. A deeper sense of accomplishment is bound to be gained with the skills and insights gained.

And because you’re actually experiencing this learning in real life, not reading it in a textbook, it will stay with you for a long time. You’ll gain a deep sense of satisfaction with the new skills you’ve learned – and new insights you’ve gained.

Reasons why people travel

Expanding One’s Perspective

This is another great reason as to why people enjoy traveling, with one of them being helping to open one’s mind. Meeting individuals from all walks of life is a great way to expand one’s worldview, as no two are alike. The difference in the daily lives cannot be imagined, it can only be seen and experienced, although travel writers like Carl Deane do a great job of conveying the sense of wonder that comes with traveling to a certain extent.

Everything from family, to work, beliefs and interest can be completely different to what one has experienced in life. The diverse settings also help to consider and discover fresh ideas that hadn’t previously popped up. One is bound to come back home with varying possibilities and notions.

Being shown new places, cultures, and people, help to develop a broader worldview, which is bound to create a well-rounded world citizen.

To enjoy today’s moments and make tomorrow’s memories

Memories and not things are to be collected, especially while one is able and young. There is nothing better than taking a wonderful vacation with friends to make large memories that are bound to last for an eternity. Traveling with friends is sure to fill one’s life with long-lasting crazy memories made all over the world.

Not to even talk about the nostalgia created when friends gather round to talk about the shared experiences made on the trip. All this makes one want to re-experience these moments once again, and it is best to live a life full of memories, rather than dreams.


The word wanderlust is one that is extremely strange yet holds a lot of meaning to it. The word comes from Wandern which as a German word translates to walk, while Lust can be described as an irresistible or intense impulse. It basically means the extreme urge to travel, and there might not be a single particular reason as to why one desires to travel.

Rediscovering yourself

Finding time to step away from the house and other familiar settings, is a chance to deeply reflect on life. Traveling gives one the ample space and time to free one’s mind and let it wander while reflecting back on it. It is also one of the ways one can learn and discover more about themselves.

Each day spent travelling offers new opportunities and issues, which provide an insight into what kind of person one is and possibly could be. Once home, there is bound to be a change in views and possibly a better insight into oneself, giving a fresher perspective on the important things in life.

Creating and consolidation relationships

The collective memories and experience that travelling offers, brings persons together. It might be a romantic trip, a getaway for the family or even a long weekend trip for the guys or girls. All these important communal travels are extremely great for strengthening bonds.

Collective travelling could either be parents, children and grandparents together on a trip to Disneyland or even a cruise. It could also be parents and kids road tripping from one end of the country on the other to visit the grandparents at home. Another example is a group of high school buddies taking one last road trip before heading off to different universities.

Whatever form this travel takes, it is a chance to truly connect and could even clear any grudges held, while building happier relationships. Couples are not left out of those needing to bond, as traveling helps to get away from work and home demands. Having shared travel experiences help to reignite a spark that is sure to last long after returning home.

Travelling is also a great way to develop friendships, which could see travel take the form of a ski break with friends or a week-long beach getaway with college buddies. Travel helps to remind individuals of the reason why they all became friends in the initial place. It is an opportunity to create new friendships either with locals or fellow travellers.

Meeting and becoming friends with new people can be a great travel benefit, which helps to offer even newer opportunities for further travel. This could take form of either visiting them or going on a journey with them.

Appreciating life

This is a great motivation to travelling, especially when one is mired in daily life where it is easy to forget the achievements made. Getting out of the routine to appreciate life is one of the reasons why do people travel. It is hard to take stock of the special and important things while at home which is why it is best to travel. Exploring a whole new location helps to give a clearer picture to help appreciate one’s real life, country and hometown.

Once back home you learn just how lucky it is to be alive and that there’s no place like your home.

Going on an adventure

Exploring new territory is an exhilarating feeling and is also another reason to make people want to travel. People have always craved experiencing new things and travel provides us the opportunities to feed that desire. A trip is a great time to engage in new, exciting and different activities especially things that aren’t usually done at home.

Thrills usually begin the second one’s feet touch new soil. Conquering new territory could be trying new cuisines such as Asian street food, it could also mean speaking a new language in a café. It could also be a physical adventure such as, exploring the Great Barrier Reef via scuba diving or even hiking all the way up to Machu Picchu.

There is definitely a lot of fun to be had when a new adventure is experienced. Individuals get to soak in the rush associated with thrilling exploits and also an increased feeling of accomplishment. The flight home is one to savour as, the memory of an incredible adventure is the best souvenir to be had.

Why do people like to travel?


This motivation is one that numerous people have when they choose to travel. It could be escape from a demanding or annoying job, a terrible breakup, it could even be the death of a close one. It could also be a means of providing a wonderful relief from unhappiness and stress that has accumulated in one’s life.

Humans look for numerous things on their travels that they are inopportune to get back at home. This could take the form of clearer weather, better scenery, increased freedom to act and do as they please. It could also give them a chance to have experiences they wouldn’t normally have or engage in a slower yet relaxing pace of life.

Taking it wonderful art and culture at the Louvre or laying down among the luxurious sands of a beach in Hawaii can be great escapes from the daily tedious grind. Travel can be extremely helpful for individuals that overwork, as they typically find it difficult to leave the job behind even for a second. Escaping from work is something that is not only physically beneficial but also mentally beneficial as well.

A return to the job is bound to have the individual feeling refreshed, energised and teeming with new ideas and methods to go about their jobs. Travel also has the ability to not only serve as a form of escape but it can also heal. Experiencing a new location can provide numerous fun distractions, which is sure to have the individual becoming more peaceful and able to solve challenging circumstances.


This motivation is wonderful as there is always a reason to celebrate and what better way to celebrate than to take a vacation. The celebration could be an anniversary or an important birthday, a graduation, pre-wedding festivities or even the main thing, a wedding. A babymoon is also a great reason to celebrate, as it gives the parents one last intimate time before the baby arrives.

Nothing spells special occasion more than celebrating far away from the regular hectic pace home life brings. It can also be a great way to bring together friends and family from all around the globe to celebrate the milestone.