Where is game of thrones filmed

The abundant, gripping globe of Game of Thrones might seem like it’s shot on one more earth many thanks to its fantastical setup and also jaw-dropping panoramas, The following places will answer where is game of thrones filmed.

The hit HBO collection, of course, is shot right here on planet Earth. As a matter of fact, Game of Thrones has actually been proclaimed for substantially increasing the tourist varieties of a number of its filming areas, specifically Iceland, which had seen its yearly tourism numbers surge from 566,000 in 2011 when the show premiered to over a million since 2015.

Right here’s a quick look at where Game of Thrones is shot as well as when the show will return for its much-anticipated eighth period.

Game of Thrones is just one of the most preferred series in TV history. It’s no surprise it has triggered a tourist boom anywhere it is shot. When a destination comes to be a part of the Game of Thrones filming places, you can wager visitors will group to see it.


Where was Game of thrones filmed

Where was Game of thrones filmed

The Croatian city of Dubrovnik is widely known to Game of Thrones fans as the magnificent city of King’s Landing, the resources as well as the biggest city of the Seven Kingdoms.

The historic city, situated on the coastline of the Adriatic Sea, works as the place of many Game of Thrones’ most iconic locations, such as the Red Keep’s palace yards and also the trading city of Qarth.

Croatia is where a lot of the Daenerys and Kings Touchdown storyline occurs. Dubrovnik’s old city has been used thoroughly for Kings Landing considering that period two as well as there are a lot of places that you will undoubtedly acknowledge.

The walls have been utilized for the battle of Blackwater, for competitions, for walking shots as well as markets. Other filming places are Sibenik as well as Split.

Where is Game of thrones filmed


Where do they film game of thrones

The ancient city of Mdina served as the location of King’s Landing before manufacturing transferred to Dubrovnik for the 2nd season. The Mediterranean island country additionally functioned as the place of the Azure Window, which in reality is a rock off arc the coast of the island of Gozo.

Malta was just made use of as a Game of Thrones filming place in Season 1, but it established the stage for the periods ahead.

It was utilized mostly for Kings Landing, the Daenerys storyline and Pentos.

The fortified city of Mdina was the ideal setup with stone walls as well as an old setup.

Notable shooting locations are Fort St. Angela – Dungeons of the Red Keep, Rabat’s St. Dominic Monastery, Manikata was a community plundered by the Dothraki, The Island of Gozo housed the wedding of Daenerys and Drogo

The Game of Thrones movies in some of one of the most exotic places on earth.

Besides the seven mentioned above, Game of Thrones has also been recorded in Los Angeles, Calgary, Alberta, and even Scotland.

North Ireland

Northern Ireland has worked as the recording location for many Game of Thrones’ best-known areas.

North Ireland probably has one of the most extensive Game of Thrones experiences for tourists. Its main head offices are in Belfast, and also several scenes are shot around the country.

The famous Dark Hedges work as the King’s Road in the Game of Thrones universe while Downhill Hair has been prominently included also. The nation likewise serves as the house for several dream locations for Winterfell and even the North, with Tollymore Forest Park working as the Haunted Woodland. Castle Ward, as well as Carncastle, are featured prominently as well.

Larrybane and the Cushendun Caves additionally function as places for the Stormlands.
The magic happens in Belfast at Titanic Studios. The Titanic Museum is just one of the best destinations to North Ireland, and while you exist, venture a little additional in the future to see the audio stages where Game of Thrones scenes are fired.

Castle Ward situated in Downpatrick in Area Down, Castle Ward is probably one of the most arranged excursions of all Game of Thrones filming locations. Whatever is committed to appreciating your day in Westeros. You can also put on a hair cape and find out to shoot a bow and arrow similar to Bran did when John Snow taught him in the yard while the family members viewed in Season 1.

Where was Game of Thrones filmed


Doune Castle in Scotland has appeared in the pilot episode as an area in Winterfell. The middle ages stronghold is familiar with the film and also TELEVISION, formerly showing up in Monty Python as well as the Holy Grail.


As many Game of Throne followers will undoubtedly testify, the rugged, untamed lands of Iceland are best for beyond the Wall.

Lake Mývatn, Grjótagjá, Vatnajökull and also various other places in the land of fire and ice have actually been showcased in many Game of Thrones periods over the years.

Most of us love John Snow as well as the Knight’s watch. Most of these scenes are recorded in Iceland. Iceland has produced films. Its landscape runs out this world as well as it seems like you are visiting a dreamland when driving around the Ring Roadway.

Stop at the canyons of chasm at Þingvellir to see where the White Walkers originate from. See Þjorsárdalur and also the “Settlement Period Viking Lodge or check out the lava fields of Dimmuborgir, where Mance Rayder Discover the haunted Woodland where Sam, as well as Lord Commander, were attacked by white walkers.

And stop at Grjótagjá, the cave where Jon Snow and Ygritte creep away for some frisky business.


The show’s sixth period included a variety of Spanish areas plainly, consisting of the Castle of Zafra and also the Bardenas Reales.

Also in the past, Spain had seen some relatively comprehensive shooting for the Game of Thrones universe, working as the lands of Essos and the kingdom of Dorne. Notably, the Long Bridge of Volantis’ real life equivalent was the Roman Bridge in Cordoba.

Game of Thrones started filming in Spain for Period 6. The cast and team honestly got around Spain taking a trip backward and forwards the nation.

Top Game of Thrones places in Spain are:
Girona: Kings Landing and also Bravos
Seville: Several scenes were shot at the Roman ruins of Italica as well as the Seville Stockyards. The Palaza de Torres was utilized for the battling pit in Mareen, and the Alcázar numerous locations in Dorne
Guadalajara: You’ll discover the castle of Pleasure in Dorne at the Castillo de Zafra
Barcelona: Is where your home of Tarly scenes are shot
Cordoba: The Long Bridge
Various Other Game of Thrones locations in Spain includes Valencia, Alhamila mountains, as well as Andalusia.

Where do they film game of thrones


Eagle-eyed fans might identify the towns of Pentos and Astapor as the very same real-life places in Ridley Scott’s hit movie Gladiator. The Moroccan communities are really the neighboring cities of Ait Benhaddou and also Ouarzazate.

The Daenerys story has a few of the very best shooting areas for Game of Thrones. They additionally went to Morocco.

The ancient fortified city of Ait Benhaddou was utilized to stand for Yunkai. This UNESCO Globe Heritage Website was the excellent setting for The Mother of Dragons to destroy.

The port city of Essaouira was likewise used in period three increasing as Astapor. Remember the scene close to the sea when she has rounded up the unsullied and also provided a choice to combat for her?

Morocco was utilized for filming in seasons one via 3 for the majority of Khaleesi’s story however from period four on they transferred to Croatia. It’s still great to visit the areas from the very early days yet.

Where is game of thrones filmed: Hope you enjoy our list of some of the most popular locations from the famous TV series.