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From finding happiness within yourself to travel and money saving tips we created Wonderliv.com as an open space to share our thoughts and memories to help anyone travel and experience more. As we experiment on different things we give you our findings on living a simple more enjoyable life on the road.

Get in touch with us at info@wonderliv.com, we love to hear from our readers!!!

What We Do At Wonderliv
We help people save hundreds on their travels.

We Travel Full Time! – After years of traveling and much research we have found an amazing formula for finding dirt cheap travel tickets. From Airline mistakes to ingenious travel hacking we can find cheaper deals 90% of the time than what you find on your typical online search. We do have some pretty amazing tricks under our hats to find the best travel deals online. But in reality many of the deals are out there to be found, the problem is like anything in life it oftentimes takes many hours of research to find a good deal if you know what you are looking for. We will not only save you money, but also save you the trouble of having to spend hours or days searching for that perfect deal.It all started years ago and our passion for travel.

We have discovered that doing what we love makes us much more happy than keeping up with our past consumerist lifestyle that wasn’t taking us where we wanted to go. Since then we have been to more than 20 countries and living as happy as we can be with whatever we have.

With a background in Online marketing and while running our business from different parts of the world we found out that travel is the one thing that truly makes us happy! We decided to combine our love for online businesses with travel. After discovering the many great deals out there we decided to share this with as many people as possible!We are both involved in the Online Marketing/Web design world so you can find us near our laptops at any given time. In 2013 we decided to put all of our possessions in a garage store and hit the road to South America, and ever since then we have gotten the travel bug wanting to visit more and more places.

A passionate curator with an eye for detail, Janet brings a wealth of expertise in preserving and showcasing the intricate beauty of lockets. Her dedication to the art of storytelling through jewelry makes her an invaluable asset to the Loquet Museum.

Janet Brooks
Art Museum Co

With a keen appreciation for the historical significance of lockets, Maria combines her love for art and cultural heritage to curate captivating exhibits. Her deep knowledge and passion for sharing the stories behind each locket enrich the visitor experience at the Loquet Museum.

Maria Green
Art Museum Co
Unlocking stories, capturing hearts. The essence of locket artistry at the Loquet.
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Step through our doors and immerse yourself in the beauty and emotion captured within each locket. Explore the intricate details, discover the hidden messages, and feel the weight of the personal stories they hold. From heartfelt gifts exchanged between loved ones to keepsakes passed down through generations, our collection showcases the enduring power of these miniature treasures. Join us at the Loquet Museum and unlock the captivating stories that lie within these tiny portals of emotion and self-expression. Experience the magic as lockets transcend time, bridging the gap between past and present, and reminding us of the universal language of love and connection.