Using travel to keep you exited and looking forward to the future.

We all are wired the same way! We believe that SOMEDAY, any day in the future we will be happier. Because of this oftentimes we give our tiny brains a little bit of motivation and give it little grains of hope of something exiting to look forward to. Many people daydream all their lives of the day they get to buy their dream home, or their dream car, or whatever that might be. Other times we make smaller plans that we still look forward to as is the case of the weekends, where we rush trough the week as if those days don’t count just so we can get all the fun we possibly can in the weekend.

For many of us Travel is one of the (if not the main) thing that really, really excite us. I personally love travel so much that I can’t wait to get into any new destination even if it’s 45 minutes away from home, and don’t even get me started of the feeling of knowing that I will see a new place for the first time.

There is nothing wrong with looking forward to the future and having something that you look for to keep you happy. By no means I’m saying you should not live your present 100% and give it your full attention, but having something positive that you look forward to oftentimes leads to living fuller happier days. When I’m getting close to any trip I always work harder and say to myself, lets be very proactive this couple of weeks so I can really enjoy the trip while I’m gone.

The Anticipation of the trip

Many researches suggest that people oftentimes feel the same or even higher levels of happiness prior to the experience than by the experience itself. When you know you have a trip coming up you start planing for it in advance. You start researching of the best places to go, looking for the best hotel/hostel deals and maybe watching a documentary or two to have some understanding of the culture before you land. By the time you hit “Buy Tickets Now” your level of excitement goes way up and the days, weeks, months of anticipation prior to the trip give you a sense of relieve when you are stressed as you look forward to the trip.

From long trips to short weekend getaways the joy of travel is one of the most amazing experiences ever. If you ever feel trapped in your daily life, bored at work etc, try booking a ticket a couple of weeks in advance and see if having the experience of looking forward to the trip makes you feel any better.

Nowadays is very cheap to find great deals on tickets and accommodations, there is no excuse for you not to plan an unexpected trip a couple of times a year. Again keep in mind I’m not saying you have to cross an ocean to find the thrill of travel, oftentimes we have nearby destinations just hours from home to be discovered.

Share your thoughts on this on the comments below. Tell us what have been some of your favorite trips and if you have any travel plans coming up.