Trust – One of the biggest factors in any relationship.

All women are famous for being jealous, not sure if you heard but latin women in particular are famous for how jealous they are. Like everything in life, extremes are bad and one should never let emotions get to an extreme point. On that note a little jealousy from your partner is all right and good; it makes you feel wanted and secured, on the other hand extreme jealousy does not only show insecurities from the jealous person, but makes the partner feel annoyed and irritated.

Even though Vicky my wife is somewhat jealous, we are completely happy with each other mostly because of how much trust we have in each other. If you want to have a long and healthy relationship you have to trust your partner as you would trust yourself or a very close relative like your parents. Life will definitely give you different situations and will test your relationship in every possible way. If you and your partner are not ready to trust each other, it is hard to make any relationship work.

As you know trust is not given, but earned. You can’t expect your other half to trust you if you do not show reasons for her/him to trust you in the first place. After almost 10 years of being in a relationship, it is wonderful to feel that my wife trusts me with all of her heart just as much as I trust her. I oftentimes have to travel for work, and there is nothing more rewarding than that of knowing that you can go out with a couple of friends, drink a couple of beers and not have your wife thinking you are doing something else. At the same time as I trust her every time she tells me she is going out with some of her friends to eat or have a few drinks.

Trust in a relationship is not only about not thinking about the other half cheating or things like that, but also about life experiences, finances, health and much more. We don’t have any kids now, but once we do I trust my wife that if anything were to happen to me, she will devotedly take care of the kids. Just as she trusts me when I tell her to drop everything because we are going half-around the globe “Trust Me Everything Will Be Okay”, and she does. At the end of the day, you have to show that if you give your word on something you have to keep it up.

How to build trust in a relationship

We all have our setbacks, and that one party you are going to when you say, “don’t worry I won’t drink that much” and leave half-naked throwing up in the car does not help much to build trust with your partner. Make sure you do not let down your partner, and to keep your word as much as you possibly can. Remember that relationships are like rollercoasters full of ups and downs, but the more you work on it the higher you can stay for the remainder of the ride.

I believe that trust takes time to build and you can’t expect it to just be there, again by persistently showing your partner that you can be trusted you will begin to find that she/he will trust you more and more.

At the end of the day, once you can trust with your life any decision that your better half takes, it makes your life a whole lot easier. I see new couples fighting over very simple things instead of just trusting each other to let one of them make the decision. Two completely different persons are never going to agree on everything, but as long as the two of them understand this simple concept life will become much easier for them. I used to get upset for different things that I did not understand about my wife, but now that I know how she thinks I just let it be and even agree with many of the things I used to dislike. I’m sure she feels the same way.

Give your relationship room to grow and space to build trust. Every person has its own individual needs and even though many couples including me try to be together 110% of the time, people need space to develop their own activities. If I want to get together with my friends to play PlayStation and have some beers I can’t force Vicky to sit and enjoy it, just as much as she can’t force me to go to the mall for 8 hours and enjoy it. That is why each has to have their own space and friends outside the relationship so each can still have time to enjoy their own activities with other people as well.

At the end of the day, your chosen partner will be the most significant and important person in your life, so choose wisely (oftentimes is pure luck that you meet that person as per my case), but make sure you cherish your relationship and most importantly trust and support each other in every step of the way. Build trust in your relationship and enjoy each other for as long as possible.