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Best Travel Camera 2019

Here is a short list of our handpicked best travel camera 2019.


This is one of the best cameras for travel that are available anywhere on the planet. It has amazing features that put it on a class of its own making this camera a must have if you are planning on traveling to wherever it is you want to go. It incorporates the world’s first 20.1 MP 1 inch stacked back-illuminated sensor that make it what it is.

It features excellent video shooting in with 4k high resolution which records directly to your memory card for convenience. With super slow motion movie, this is actually a camera on a class of its own as it is also pocket size so you never have to worry about transporting it when traveling. It also features a WiFi and NFC connectivity to your smartphone which opens up a whole new array of functions that will leave you smiling.

Till date, five versions of this RX100 series have been released, but the first RX100 camera is still one of the best cameras for travel. For a cost of under $1000, you are provided with a classy compact camera that carries out every activity properly. It features a massive 20.1-megapixel sensor, RAW capability as well as a quick Crl Zeiss zoom lens, all combined and presented in a body which is durable and lightweight. Although this camera is not capable of producing pictures in quality like DSLR options, it still performs quite well for its weight and size.

Well, if you also love selfies, then this is the camera for you as it features just this with incredible shutter speed hat is unrivaled in this industry of cameras that are especially suited for travel. This camera makes the best camera for travel there is and you will absolutely love it once it’s power is in your hands.


When looking for the best camera for travel, this should be high in your list. It is especially suited for beginners in photography so you don’t need to worry about technical complexities that might affect your ability to use it. It has a sensor that is actually one of the best in its class among the many features that this camera has.

The camera features a lightweight balanced body meaning that it does not add that much weight when you are carrying it when traveling. It also features a detailed as well as smooth 1080/60p High Definition video that enables you to capture your moments when traveling way better than any other camera out there.

It comes with an extended battery life so you need not worry about charging it after a few minutes of taking videos or photos.

The camera is a 24.2 MP that allows you to take the most brilliant as well amazing photos that you can possibly imagine. These are just some of the many features that make this camera one of the best cameras for travel that there are in the market at the moment. This camera also comes with incredible accessories that will make you love this camera instantly if you are preparing a trip or you’re just planning to travel.

It includes a zoom lens that is just on a class of its own. It is small and allows you to travel easily with it wherever you go and this is actually convenient as you don’t want to be overloaded when traveling as you take amazing images.

Capture beautiful and lifelike quality moments hat they actually deserve and you still will have an amazing time doing it because of the easy to use interface that this camera comes with. With 24.2 MP photos and 1080p videos, this should make this camera the best camera travel. You can also share them with your smartphone instantly with a wireless adapter that allows you to do this instantly.

It has the most amazing video sound there is and you can add special effects to your photos if you like. So, if you are planning on travel and want a companion that won’t let you down at all, the this is the perfect camera for you.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera w/ 1 Inch Sensor 

This incredible digital camera has all the features that would be incorporated in a camera that should be considered one of the Best Travel Camera 2019. It is a brilliant compact digital camera that features  MP sensor that allows you to capture your photos in excellent detail. It also comes with a built-in WiFi connectivity that ensures that you can always share those moments when you are traveling either with your friends or family wherever they are.

It comes with an enhanced feature that allows you to directly upload your photos to social media sites instantly. With 8X optical zoom guarantees a variety of shooting options that make capture of stunning images quite easy actually. It also is incredible for performance in low light conditions so that you can always get that perfect picture no matter what.

It also has an ECO mode that manages the consumption of power and I think that this is what makes this camera the best camera for travel there is. This power can last to up to a night of taking photos so you never have to worry about charging it any time soon. This camera is easy to carry around and really easy to use. With this camera in your pocket as your travel companion, you won’t miss a second of any amazing moment that you come across.


This camera was specially made for people who love to travel and adventure. This is what has been described as the best travel camera that you can find because this camera is actually waterproof, shockproof as well as freeze proof and can take whatever weather or anything that mother nature aims at it.

With waterproof depths of up to 59 feet and the ability to shoot at temperatures of 14 degrees Fahrenheit. This camera captures the best images with its 16 MP camera and excellent videos of up to 1080p making this a must-have for wherever it is that you chose to travel to. With built-in WiFi which enables you to share your videos and photos as you take them or you can otherwise control your camera from your smartphone or tablet.

For creating incredible photo journals it has a built-in GPS function that enables you always see where you have actually been. All these features make this camera an excellent companion no matter what activity you chose to shoot no matter where it is, be it in mountain tops, underwater or in extreme weather, this is the best in the underwater category one of the Best Travel Cameras 2019.


With a powerful 18 MP image sensor, this camera is especially suited for families that are looking for adventure in video as well as photography that is just on another level. This camera is just the best camera there is for travel because of the easy recording feature of videos in crystal clear HD as well as a huge 3 inch LCD screen display that makes sure you never miss anything of whatever it is you are recording or photographing.

It features the best in less than perfect light situations so that even if you are in the dark, you still will get the best out of this camera. It also features creative options as well as creative focus that allows you even beginners to take complex shots. So, if you still doubt that this is the best camera for travel, I ask you to think again. With feature guides that are extremely helpful too you as you use it as well as lightweight construction that makes it perfectly easy to carry around when traveling. With continuous shooting, you never miss a single shot with this camera.

Why I say this is the best camera for travel that there is, you will see what I mean by that in the features that this camera entails below here. It comes with a standard zoom lens that is amazing for families that are traveling, photo enthusiasts that are looking for the perfect shots so that you never miss a single shot as well as making sure that first time users get the best experience too.

It captures movies as well as images that are incredibly dazzling with the 18 MP image sensor as well as the easy recording HD video that has incredible resolution that is nothing short of excellent. The huge 3 inch LCD display allows you to view as you record so that you never actually miss a moment of what you are recording. It also allows for taking pictures or videos in situations that have less light so that the quality is always high no matter the lighting conditions.

It’s now easier to take complex shots for beginners with the Creative Auto as well as the Basic+ functions that make all this possible and make this camera what it is actually. With incredible lightweight construction, this camera is the best camera for travels there is basically.


This is the camera that you will absolutely want with you if you are planning on traveling and taking pictures wherever it is that you go. It is the best camera for travel because of a number of reasons that you will find absolutely endearing.

It is waterproof up to a depth of 50 feet making it he of the best for underwater imaging. It also has a full 180 degree flip LCD monitor that will ensure you do actually see what it is that you are capturing from whatever angle that you hold the camera. With a built in WiFi as well as GPS, you know that sharing your photos from wherever you are becomes a lot easier with this amazing feature.

On top of being waterproof, the camera is shockproof, crush proof, freeze proof as well as dust of so you can always be assured of getting the best out of the camera and no matter your carelessness, this camera has got you covered. Full 60p High Definition video mode with ultra slow motion. This camera will make an excellent companion for you wherever it is that you are traveling to for you as well as your family or friends.

Best Travel Camera 2019

Want to Find out which is the Best Travel Camera 2019 We live in a beautiful age where most gadgets are not only very portable but oftentimes inexpensive. Most of us carry around a decent camera in our pockets thanks to the newer smartphones. Even with all of the advances in cell phone cameras, they will never ever come close to the detail an quality of a great travel camera.

The perfect traveling camera is light-weight, flexible, and also able to capture terrific photos. Mirrorless interchangeable-lens electronic cameras have big sensors as well and are much more compact compared to digital SLRs– any tourist should think about this factor when considering your perfect camera. Digital SLRs are the bulkiest as well as heaviest alternative however they capture professional-grade photos and supply the best choice of lenses.


This is the best suited camera for any outdoor activity that you would want to capture at any time of day, for this and many features that we will look at, it is one of the best travel cameras there are. This camera features 12 MP for taking photos as well as 4k for the videos making it a camera on a class of its own.
It also features a touch display which is a first for GoPro cameras with this camera, this allows you to easily navigate and adjust your settings by just tapping or swiping the screen. It has fast and powerful photo capture that is just excellent. For after dark photo capturing, you need not worry as this camera has got you covered in this kinds of conditions when taking photos.
Share those moments with friends or family with a built in WiFi mode that also features a Bluetooth functionality so this is actually a camera worth having during travel. With impressive audio performance, this ensures that your videos always have crystal clear voice when you capture them. This and many other more amazing features make this camera the best camera for travel there is.

Best Travel Camera 2017

Best compact camera for travel

How do you select the ideal camera for traveling? Regardless of if you are heading on a road trip or taking a cruise around the world, it is a great idea to travel light. But there are various kinds of travel camera available and making a choice as to what you want to purchase might not be straightforward. This is because even though you want a good size, you would want to ensure quality is balanced as well.

There are compact cameras with superzoom built-in lenses which can offer you wide-angle to high-level telephoto focal lengths. But to ensure enhanced versatility, using a camera with lightweight interchangeable lenses will ensure you can change lenses to utilize in different environments while keeping the standard layout and this can consist of both mirrorless compact system cameras as well as SLRs.

In this well-detailed buyers guide, we shall be taking a look at the best travel cameras which are bound to suit your requirements regardless of your budget.

Best Point and Shoot Camera for Travel

A point and shoot camera is the best camera for traveling. In recent years, these cameras have come a long way. This is because they provide image sensors which are larger as well as other common features which include HDR, Built-in Wi0fi as well as Panorama mode. Economically, they are also the best choice as they are least expensive to fix in the event they get damaged on the move.

Some of the best compact camera for travel on the Market today include:

Best small camera for travel

Panasonic Lumix FZ2500

To enjoy the Versatility offered by a mirrorless or DSLR camera without having to change and carry numerous lenses about, travellers can choose the superzoom. This is where this camera comes in. it comes with the same massive sensor as the RX100 but comes with a much larger zoom of 24-400mm. Additionally, it has the capacity to shoot 4k videos and comes with a f/2.8 lens which is quite fast and is very useful when taking low light photos. For those who desire large zooms in a package which is easy to use, then this is the best choice.

In comparison to the Sony compact option, the Panasonic does way better when it comes to performance. At 29.3 ounces, it is quite heavy and large. It is also similar to lots of interchangeable lens cameras asides from the fact that this is a more convenient option. The high cost, as well as large size, are things that should be considered but the versatility is something that cannot be ignored.

Ricoh GR II

This is another great camera for traveling. It is one of the best point and shoot cameras available for taken street photographs. It has a 28mm lens which is fixed and this is kind of a downside as this means that you are not able to zoom at all using this camera. To serve as a form of compensation for this, it comes with a large APS-C image sensor which is a similar size that you will locate in lots of mirrorless and DSLRs cameras. The weight is also not that bad as it is just 7.8 ounces overall.

The 28mm focal length is ideal for walking around cities while you travel. It is also great for large scenes as well as landscapes. All of these make it a great camera for travel.

 Sony Alpha a6500 with 16-50mm lens

This was the initial successor to the Nex series and now, it is a few years of age and still counting. It has a price tag which falls below $1500 and comes with a kit lens. Additionally, it also features a 24.5-megapixel APS-C image sensor, built-in NFC and Wi-Fi as well as fast shooting which can get up to 11 frames per second. Weighing just a bit more than 12 ounces, there are a lot of things to love about this camera and it is one of the most recognized mirrorless cameras sold today.

It comes with a kit lens of 14-50mm which is a bit average but at the price, it still offers an amazing level of performance making it a great choice for numerous travelers.

Our Favorite Travel Camera Brands

NikonCanon – GoPro