Best Inflatable Paddle Board

Best Inflatable Paddle Board

Looking for the best inflatable paddle board ? Do you love to enjoy yourself on the water? Then you must be ready to purchase a new inflatable SUP. Most of you might have started window shopping just for comparisons if so you will notice that there are different models to pick from the marketplace. But at this present time, there are some Inflatable SUPs which are better than others.

The major problem you might face is picking the best inflatable SUP for your needs. But do not worry we can assist you with that. In this article, we shall be taking a look at some of the best inflatable stand up paddle boards on the market and what makes them stand out. Do read on to learn more.

Inflatable Paddle Board

Top Inflatable SUPs for the Money

Below we list a number of boards which are really good for both beginners and expert on board paddling. They are long-lasting because all are of high quality and made from the best materials. You can make use of these SUPs for yoga, surfing, flat water paddling and many more. Also, teenagers can make use of these boards listed and also when going on the water with dogs.

Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The Top inflatable boards include:

PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
The inflatable stand up paddle by PEAK boasts of several great characteristics such as; 6 inches thick; it is mainly firm in the water. Longer than 10 feet, it is great for activities like fishing and yoga and calls for a bit more stability. For yoga use, this is the finest paddle board for you, it makes you firm when in the water and allows you to carry out several yoga moves. Although at first, you may fall off several times but in no time you will master it.

The board is remarkably strong due to the Military-grade PVC and drop stitch construction. Accessories such as ankle leash, travel fin, travel paddle, dual action pump, carry back and also a fix-up kit complements the board’s overall value altogether and ensures you are buying the best inflatable stand up paddle board and its accessories are so cheap! The solid reviews of this iSUP also attest to its stability and performance you stand to enjoy by purchasing this product.

Tower Paddle Boards Inflatable Paddle Board iSUP

inflatable paddle board
The tower adventurer 2 is the recent and enhanced model of the unique Tower Adventurer. This board is 10’4’’ long when it is stretched. This is longer than the original and it’s particularly designed for speediness and manoeuvrability on several types of water. Also, this board comes with military-grade PVC and drop stitch construction.

It also comes in 6inches of thickness which makes the Adventurer firm and particularly long-lasting. This means you do not have to worry about spending on a replacement anytime soon. You should also know that this expandable SUP swells to a greater PSI (25 rather than 15) so as to deliver even greater firmness in the water. For the amateurs, this is really good as they won’t keep falling off the board all the time.

The accessories that come with the Tower Adventurer 2 are really fitting. They include a bungee, carry handgrips both on the front and back of the real board which ensures stress-free movement from lakes to the ground and also a higher quality paddle.

iRocker 10′ Inflatable SUP

Regardless of if you are an amateur or an expert, this board is designed to suit all skill levels as it provides you with speed, great poise and cruise capability in the water. With the iRocker 10’ you get a comprehensive package which means you have the essentials to preserve your board as well as the equipment required to enjoy your ride. One of the iRocker 10’ accessories is the backpack which makes it easy in moving your inflatable SUP because the board shrinks, rolls up and fits effortlessly into the backpack. Another accessory is the bungee tie down system which allows space for additional gear you go with.

Inflatable Sup


One of the best inflatable sup, the SPORTSSTUFF iSUP is designed to have strength and to be lightweight also. The board is designed to be 4 inches thick and it weighs just 27 pounds. You might feel the board is too light, it can withstand at least 250 pounds of weight and it has garnered positive reviews regularly for its strength. Also, when you stand on it, the board does not take on water.

To add to the above, the SPORTSSTUFF 1030 includes a full package of equipment which you can make use of without extra purchases and they include; tow rings, pressure gauge, mesh backpack, removable seat, hand pump, board leash, fin and valve wrench. It is loved by many individuals because it includes a removable seat which makes the paddling board really flexible.

Blow Up Paddle Board 

Pathfinder Inflatable SUP

best inflatable paddle board
This board is a remarkable one and it is available for a very small amount. The PathFinder ISUP is created to be very long-lasting and it is produced with extraordinary quality PVC and comes in a multi-layer drop stitch shape. The board’s two layers of PVC are joined together which makes them not only strong but versatile enough to sag the board when being shrunk. The PathFinder iSUP is extremely long-lasting due to the mixture of the PVC and drop stitch construction.

This board is designed to be very easy to use. Even those who have not touched an inflatable paddle before realize it is very easy to expand and move to the water. The expansion process takes just few minutes and requires small effort to get it pumped up. Also, the accessories it comes with, such as a pump and paddle makes the board a good value for your money.