Time – The most important resource in life

What will you do if someone came to you and offered you a million dollars right now? I’m sure you will happily take the money, but this million bucks comes only with one caveat. In order for you to get the cash you have to die in 1 week from today. Will you still take it? I’m pretty sure the vast majority of people will not, they will not give up living their life for a million bucks or more, even though there is a real chance that we could die tomorrow or maybe later tonight who knows. If this is the case why is it that we do not value our time as we value money and materialistic possessions?

Everything in life is a trade off, when you wake up every morning to go to work you are trading your time for a set amount of money, money that you can in turn trade for other things: monthly rent, buying a house or a car, a nice flat screen TV, among many other things. Hopefully with that money that you trade your precious time for you get to buy some life experiences as well, the nice vacations you always dreamed of, doing the hobbies and activities that you enjoy and maybe taking your family and friends out to a nice dinner.

Most people live day-by-day dreading their routines without questioning why? Again life is just one big tradeoff, have you ever thought that if you give up on some of the materialistic goals you set for yourself, you could actually have some more free time to do the things you enjoy the most. Our society has the mentality that time is money, but only when it comes to making more of it. I believe this is totally wrong, value time and value it way more than money, time is the only thing in life that you can’t buy more of, so seriously value your time, value your life. You have to start thinking of time as a resource in your life.

If we come back to the sample of the beginning and hopefully you did not sell your last week for a million bucks, realize that every minute that we spend doing things we hate is a minute lost to living a simple more joyous life. If you sit to really think about the things that make you truly happy, I’m pretty sure a lot of them do not involve a lot of money, spending time with family and friends, playing your favorite sport, or just laying by the beach reading your favorite book.

There is one thing that we all know, we are going to die someday, and again we have no idea when this time will come. Go out and live your dreams, don’t think twice just do it. No one died saying they wish they had made more money. Make sure your money spending habits are in line with your life goals, chances are that large house, new car or expensive watch won’t give you as much joy as having free time to do the things that you actually love doing. If you start thinking that today might be the last day in this earth, I’m sure you might start acting differently. Value your time, there is no amount of money that could get you more of it, every minute, every second that slips away is one more moment of life that you are throwing away. Live life to the fullest, enjoy every minute of your life, love your family and friends, be true to yourself and happiness will follow.