Best places to visit in Brazil


If you have an interest in tropical islands, great beaches, lush rainforests and remarkable cities than Brazil is the place you need to be. There are a lot of historical towns that would give you a perspective of the past, canyons that are red-rocked which would give you the feeling of being in another world entirely and great jungles and waterfalls that are certain to keep you occupied leaving you with great memories.

Brazil is a country that is known for a celebration which overtakes every soul and city called Carnaval. There is so much to enjoy in this event. Regardless of what you are searching for, you are bound to find something you are searching for in Brazil.

Asides from the above, there are numerous places to visit in Brazil, some of which are listed below.



Cristo Redentor

This is a massive statue of Christ known as Christo Redentor which means Christ the Redeemer, with arms stretching for up to 28meters as if to cover the entire human race. The state overlooks Rio de Janerio and the bay from the pinnacle of Corcovado.

This statue has a height of 709 meters, and it stands on the part of the national part of Tijunca. There is a rack railway which goes to the top, it is 3.5 kilometers long, and it is where a wide plaza covers the statue. The 30-meter statue was done by the Brazilian engineer known as Heitor de Silva Costa alongside Polish sculptor Paul Landowski. It was designed utilizing reinforced soapstone and concrete. Construction of the statue was finished in 1931, and it encompasses a chapel that is well known for weddings. Although this is one of the widely recognized landmarks in Brazil, it is frequently called The Christ of the Andes, mistaking for the more ancient statue that marks the boundary between Chile and Argentina.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio is a unique place, and there is hardly anyone close to it. This beautiful city is made up of remarkable beaches, mountains, great football fans and a bubbling nightlife. It is also recognized as Cidade Maravihosa which means the marvelous city.

Rio is covered with green mountains while the coast spreads for miles. Many individuals who come to Rio do so to pay a visit to the fabulous beaches. The locals see the beach as a home not close to home, and there is are a lot of activities that go on here that even if you stay at the beach alone all through your visit, your vacation would still be memorable.

There is also the possibility of hiking in the rainforest of Tijuca, rock climbing, beak biking, sailing to one of the numerous islands off the coast. Music can be found all over the city, and African influenced samba vibe is the most common in the city.

You can check out Lepa which is the red light district if you want to enjoy the nightlife in Rio. There are street parties and live music each night.




This is situated in the state of Bahia, and it consists of a remarkable buzz that is great even for Brazil. It is recognized as being the new World capital of Portugal. It has safeguarded a lot of its historic colonial architecture, and you will locate the historic center of the town in the neighborhood of Pelourinho.

The neighborhood contains massive squares with little cobblestone alleys, buildings of various colors as well as churches which include Sao Francisco. There is a remarkable art movement to be seen here. There are lots of drummers on the streets as well as fantastic festivals taking place all around. There are also martial artists practicing the art of Capoeira on the streets sure to blow your mind.

There are lots of amazing dance, ceremonies, and rituals as well as a variety of food to eat.

Iguaçu Falls

At the point where Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil come together, the Iguacu river falls in a remarkable semicircle of 247 waterfalls that roar into the canyon below. The water is limited to one-fourth of its normal width just above the falls which makes the strength of the water even more powerful.

Some of the falls are above 100 meters in height, and they encompass a wide section that you can never see all simultaneously, but you would have the widest dimension from the side of Brazil. You can gain various perspectives using towers and catwalks. There is a breach that gets all the way to one of the biggest recognized as the

At the point where Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina meet, the Iguaçu River drops spectacularly in a semicircle of 247 waterfalls that thunder down into the gorge below. Just above the falls, the river is constricted to one-fourth of its usual width, making the force of Garganta do Diabo also known as the devil’s throat.

You can go to the side of Argentina if you want a closer perspective of catwalks that stretch farther into the middle of the falls. The two sides provide diverse views and perspectives, so a majority of the tourists make efforts to see both. The falls are safeguarded by the Iguaçu National Park acclaimed by UNESCO where the rainforests serve as a home for over 1000 kinds of mammals and birds ranging from capybaras, deer, and ocelots.




Amazon Rain Forests

The Amazon rainforests are situated 20 kilometers towards the south-eastern part of Manus. This dark Rio Negro waters intercepts the light muddy water of Rio Solimes, and they flow alongside each other for around six kilometers before they finally submerge at the Amazon.

There is a boat trip which takes you into the center of the rain forest alongside a network of channels, lakes, and rivers created by the three rivers. The Anavilhanas islands create an enclave with streams, flooded forests, and lakes that provide a full cross area of the ecosystem of the Amazon in the Rio Negro.

You can observe a variety of wide life during your boat trip which includes parrots, turtles, monkeys, caimans among others. There is some diverse ecosystem which can be observed via both through the narrow waterways close to Manus. There is a whole lake that is encompassed with massive water lilies which can be located just in the Amazonian region.

There is also the Italian Renaissance-style opera house widely known as the Teatro Amazonas, in Manus which was created to place Manus on the map as a remarkable center of culture in South Africa.



This is a new city in Brazil which was created out of the wilderness and finished in a little above two years to take over Rio de Janeiro as the capital of Brazil in 1960. The plan was brought up by Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa, and it turned out to a showpiece of first-class architecture and city planning. Till date, it is one of the few cities in the world that represents a plan which was completed and a singular concept of architecture.

This city lacks the usual combination of business and residential areas. The whole governmental area is made up of major highlights of architecture which are the major tourist attractions of the city. Some of the most spectacular can be found around Praça dos Tràs Poderes which includes the supreme court, presidential palace and the two buildings of Congress which share no similarities as well as the Panteão da Liberdade also known as the pantheon of freedom which was created by Oscar Niemeyer as well as the Historical Museum of Brasilia.

The circular Catedral Metropolitana Nossa Senhora Aparecida is the mist recognized building of the architect in the city. It consists of a circular structure with columns which are curved and rise to provide support for the glass roof. Another structure which is a landmark for the works of this architect is the Palácio dos Arcos which is covered by remarkable gardens created by Roberto Burle Marx a well known Brazilian landscape that worked alongside Niemeyer on numerous projects around Brazil.


São Paulo state

This is a place which provides some of the best things Brazil has to offer. It is the current boom town of Brazil as everything here is gaining progress. This ranges from finance. Agriculture, commerce, tourism and a host of others.

You can move a bit away from the city and check out using the remarkable mountain range and its peak of 2500m as you comfortable mountain getaway. You can also have luxurious island getaways using Ilhabela. There are also a lot of remarkable beaches to be checked out in this great city.

Ouro Preto

This capital contains churches that showed the wealth Brazil had in its colonial times. The walls are covered in gold that was mixed with diamonds from the mines which were all around the city in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Ouro Preto is a town that is descended from the sides for a sloppy valley encompassed by mountains, it is an iconic colonial town, but its sloppy narrow streets alongside the mountain settings that keep intriguing tourists till date did not meet the requirements of a rising provincial capital.

The newly build capital was moved by the government to Belo Horizonte leaving Ouro Preto in a stale condition. It has been named a world heritage site by UNESCO because it is filled with old colonial architecture.

Belo Horizonte

The renowned Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer got his initial commissions from the capital of the state of Minas Gerais. Recently, these structures amass fans of modernist architecture and tourists to the city. The first major job was done by him which differentiated him from the normal architects was the São Francisco de Assis church, which is parabolic, curved beside a lake in the neighborhood of Pampulpha.

This park is home to the Minas Gerais craft center that contains works of artisans. Another iconic building that can be located in Belo Horizonte is The Postmodern Rainha da Sucata, Queen of Scrap Iron. It is one of the jobs of Sylvio Podestá and Eolo Maia which is now home to the mineralogy museum.

Art Museums of Sao Paulo

You can locate some of the most remarkable art collection in Latin America here. The are also safeguarded in buildings that are considered as landmarks of architecture. The Museu de Arte, MASP, showcases some of the intensive collection of western art on the continent.

There are over 70 Bronze sculptors by degas and also works done by Van Gogh, Renoir, Picasso, Manet among others. From the start, the museum placed emphasis on works of artists of the mid-to-late 20th century and the building which the architect Lona Bo Bardi designed is today known as a modernist landmark.

The Pavilhão da Bienal de Artes in Ibirapuera Park which was designed by Oscar Niemeyer houses the Museu de Arte Contemporânea with over 8000 artworks which is one of the greatest collection of western artists of the 20th century which include Chagall, Picasso, Modigliani and Miro alongside other painters from Brazil.




This is one of the well-known stops for visitors and tourists alike. It is situated along the green coast of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. There are a lot of massive mountains, waterfalls, emerald green seas and forests. This was once a colony of Portugal, and the center of the town is still a historical venue.

It comes with various diverse colored buildings and cobbled streets constructed in the 17th century when the Brazilian gold rush was at its peak. The majority of the houses have been transformed into breakfasts and bed which the locals know as pousadas.

The whole historic area is not open to cars and is ideal for taking walks. It gives a feeling like you have gone back in time. There are a lot of colonial forts that still have their initial designs.


If you are ever in Brazil, the places listed above are some of the places to visit which are certain to give you a great experience.