Rare words with beautiful meanings

Most of us use the same words most of the time, this does not mean that thear are a bunch of Rare words with beautiful meanings. Here is a list of some Rare words with beautiful meanings that you have never heard of before.

From the Latin farcire, indicating to fill or things, farctate is an organic term definition full in contrast to hollow; utilized more colloquially to indicate completely satiated or complete to the point of breaking

From the Greek philos, implying love, and also doxa, implying magnificence, a philodox is a dogmatic individual who is especially keen on his/her very own opinions

This familiar British place-name has its origins in a now-obsolete exclamation of pleased surprise coming from the French grand merci

A verb suggesting to elevate trivial and also sometimes annoying arguments or to find fault unnecessarily; from the Latin cavillari, implying to jeer or scoff

An adjective made use of to describe an impolite, rough, or miserly individual, it takes its origins from 9th-century England, where a cherl or ceorl was a title offered to a freeman of the lowest ranking

An unexpected, passing shudder of emotion or enjoyment, frisson stems from the Latin frictio, indicating to shudder and also as a by-product of frigere, suggesting to be cold; pertaining to words “friction”.

A term provided to the experience brought on by being pleased.

A term for “granny,” originating from a mixture of French (bel-, meaning beautiful) and Center English (dam, indicating woman).

The act of misusing funds or embezzling; from the Latin defalcare, indicating to subtract. An individual guilty of defalcation is a defalcator.

Smart as well as cunning; from the Latin vulpes, meaning fox.

From the Latin bucca, meaning cheek, this clinical term describes the layer of cellulite under the jaw, frequently called a “dual chin”.

A rolling sound like distant thunder; from the Greek bront, meaning rumbling.

A learned fool, or one who puts up the pretense of knowledge or wisdom;.

Relating to forests or timbers; the term sylph describes a stylish woman, from the Latin silva, implying forest.

A left-handed person educated to make use of the right hand; from the Latin dexter, suggesting right, and also sinister, suggesting left.

The habits of not sticking to the mentors of one’s very own religious beliefs; from the Latin hetero, suggesting various, and also praxis, implying practice or action.

Having an extraordinary memory; from the Greek hyper, meaning above or past, as well as mnesia, implying memory.

A person having many varied qualities as well as various obligations or offering in a vast array of capabilities; from the Latin facere, indicating to do, and also totum, implying everything.

A female with manly top qualities; a large, solid, or imperious woman; from the Latin vir, suggesting male.

The emotional relief acquired by releasing repulsive or indecent words; from the Greek lalia, meaning speech, and chezo, indicating to alleviate oneself.