New adventures in every day life

Thanks to social media, regular media and everything else in between we have been sold that life should be exiting, that we should not waste any minute of it and live to the extreme, I almost always agree with this statement, the only problem is; no one can live like this 24/7 for a lifetime. 

Hopefully you are able to wake up most of your life without hating the day ahead of you, hopefully you have plenty of days in your life that you are looking forward to live, such as when you haven’t seen someone you love in a long time and you can’t wait to see them, when you are going to make an important purchase you had been waiting for or when you are in a different city or country. 

The problem with the so called “lifestyle” that we think we should be living is that to get there most of us actually have to work hard, and work most of the time is not that much fun. You read everywhere to follow your passion and find the perfect job that you will love, but most of the times, any job you get will end up just being a JOB. To live a fullfiling life whatever we decide to work on is probably one of the most important decisions towards our happiness, but in reality it will be very hard for everyone to find the perfect job that will make everyone happy everyday.


True happiness lies in finding the perfect balance in life. If we all learn to find that perfect spot between work, fun, family, hobbies and anything else that interest us we all be better off.

To keep up with an interesting life it is highly important that you take yourself out of the routine as much as possible. There are dozens of different activities in every city across the world where you can meet new people and try new things. Why not try to find something interesting in at least once a month. Go try a new sport, a new hobby or maybe a different group-talk meeting. My wife Vicky and I tried our first meditation from a group that we found in Meetup and it was very interesting, plus we got to meet a bunch of cool people.

Not every adventure means having to get on a plane for 12 hours and crossing an ocean. There are dozens if not hundreds of activities going on near you all the time that will keep your brain waves functioning as you try something new. 

We are all used to complain about work, about boredom,etc but how much do we really work on changing any of it. We scroll though social media pages everyday like if we were going to find something new or interesting that will change our day, but this will never happen.

Go try something new, get out and explore a new nearby town/city. Meet new people. Live differently and you’ll find more happiness in your days!

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