Most expensive country in the world to visit and travel

What do Switzerland, Norway, Dubai, and Barbados have in common? They are one of the Most expensive country in the world to visit. They are the playground for the rich and famous. They are destinations that will require a bit more saving for the ordinary folk looking to live a life of luxury and fun, or at least experience it.

Here are the top 15 most expensive countries in the world, and what makes them a place worth every dollar and dime!


Perfectly situated in the heart of Europe, Switzerland finds itself planked by neighboring countries, France, Germany, Italy, and Austria, all of which are major tourist attractions on their own.

A country like Switzerland provides tourists with a safe and welcoming environment; tourists can be greeted in one of four national languages spoken, German, French, Italian, and Romansh, which is the natural language in Switzerland.

Despite being a popular ski resort destination, Switzerland is beautifully attractive all year round. With lakes, hills, and outdoor spas, this country appeals to many celebrities who have been known to visit the neutral country year after year.

Anyone looking to visit Switzerland should prepare to indulge in the finest cheeses and chocolates that the world has ever seen or come across.

But, what truly makes Switzerland one of the topmost expensive countries in the world, other than its cheese and chocolate? It is home to some of the most luxurious and notorious brands in the world, from Rolex to Tag Heuer and Omega; these are just a few brands that celebrities tout on and go on lavish sprees for when visiting the country.


Voted one of the happiest places in the world, Norway is a Scandinavian country that is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Americans, Canadians, and fellow Europeans looking to take in the beautiful green scenery and bike, hike, or ski, go to Norway.

Some of the attractions that are a must-do in Norway include ice fishing in Oslo on the Norwegian Fjords or lakes at Trondelak and Gjovik.

Not a fan of fishing? During the winter months, tourists and locals can participate in dog sledding and watching the northern lights. Popular cities that offer dog sleighing include Tromso, Finnmark, and Hovden.


One of the things that makes Japan an expensive tourist destination is it is the home to many high-end brands in technology and luxury goods. While this is only a partial reason for the expensiveness of the country, Japan is home to major tourist attractions that many from around the world come to visit and experience.

Attractions that have graced the covers of National Geographic or that have become synonymous with luxury are Mount Fuji. This world wonder has been featured on many magazine covers for its natural beauty and wonder.

If nature isn’t your cup of tea, Ginza, Tokyo is considered the most expensive place in the world. From Louis Vuitton to Chanel, Ginza has been known to be a major pit-stop for celebrities visiting the country – who knows who you’ll see and rub shoulders with.


Known for being one of the happiest countries in the world, Denmark gets its claim to being an expensive country because of its taxes and the salaries of Danish workers. In a way, this allows the Danes to travel outside their country, to have financial security, and in a way, live happier and stress-free lives.

Despite having the title of the most expensive European country, Denmark and everything about the country is what draws people to visit the land.

From stunning architectural buildings that grace the downtown core, to the Amalienborg Palace Square and Frederik’s Church, anyone whose a fan of seeing the past and future collide can spend countless hours getting lost walking the streets of Denmark.


Nothing says luxury quite like Dubai. Rated as a must-visit destination in the Middle East, Dubai offers travelers everything from evergreen spots to city skyscrapers. Shop luxury brands, eat at fine dining restaurants, and live like some of the wealthiest in the world.

When visiting Dubai, it is nearly impossible to miss the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, which towers over 800 meters!

From beaches to the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, Dubai is truly a luxurious destination that, when given a chance, is a must-see and experience. Never be bored with all that there is to see and do; every traveler is bound to find a peace of paradise that will speak to them.


Regarded as one of the highest-earning countries in the world, Luxemburg offers tourists a mix of city and rural greenery.

Perfectly situated in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg makes a great stop-over when visiting neighboring countries. More importantly, this highly centralized country is rated one of the safest in terms of countries to visit in Europe. This is thanks to both locals’ and foreigners’ cultural diversity and acceptance.

But, what is it that makes Luxembourg such an expensive country in Europe to visit? It could be the fact that there are numerous attractions listed by UNESCO preserving the history and heritage of the country – while still modernizing it for the present and future.


According to the Economists Intelligence Unit (EIU), Singapore is the second most expensive city in the world and number one in Asia.

Surrounded by majestic open waters, tourists can enjoy an array of water activities, such as sunset cruises that offer a meal or show. If you are more a land person, there are just as many things to do on land as there are water activities.

Visit the historical World War II cemetery and learn about the country’s contributions and the impact they had. Do a food tour from village to village, tasting the various exuberant flavors of the country.

Whatever your preference, enjoy a luxury trip in Singapore – a destination that truly has it all for those looking for a once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience.

South Korea

Seoul, South Korea, is a popular tourist destination for those traveling to the country. Featuring the beautiful coastline of Busan, and the Seorak-san National Park, South Korea is as pleasant of a country as its people.

What makes South Korea not only a luxurious destination but one that attracts tourists far and wide?

South Korea is home to ample UNESCO identified Buddhist temples, which not only make them protected places but a sanctuary for those seeking a genuine enlightened experience. Many of the Buddhist temples are situated away from the city and atop mountains and hills, making this the perfect day trip adventure.

Hong Kong

Calling all foodies who have no issues spending on a unique cultural dining experience – Hong Kong is your destination!

Part of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong is a foodie’s paradise. There are ample opportunities to give your palate a unique and fun adventure from fine cuisine to street foods and microbreweries.

Hong Kong is considered an Asian destination that everyone should strive to visit at least once in their lifetime. Why?

It could be that the Hong Kong skyline is unlike any around the world, or that there is the Peak which features an observation deck and tram that tourists who want to challenge their fear of heights are encouraged to visit.

Another reason Hong Kong is considered a must-visit Asian destination is because tourists can experience the Tian Tan Buddha Statue in a day while taking public transportation to shopping at some of the luxurious stores in the capital.

Fast pace or slow, Hong Kong, despite being a populated country and city, has a bit of something for everyone.


Rhianna, Simon Cowell, the Kardashians – you never know who you may be rubbing shoulders with or spot at the beach when in Barbados.

From stunning sandy beaches to the laid-back atmosphere, Barbados is great for anyone who loves a laid-back vibe with a view of the crystal clear water and sandy beaches.

When enjoying the beaches and water, Barbados offers an array of comfort food. Are you more of a night owl? Barbados is truly a country that knows how to party and celebrate – especially if you find yourself staying on a resort. There are ample events and parties that are to be enjoyed!

Unsure if Barbados is the perfect family destination? Barbados has a great selection of water activities and day trips that are family-friendly and another great way of taking in the country’s sites.


The most common thought that comes to mind when we think of France is the Eifel tower, baguettes, wine, and cheese, and rightfully so as these elements are what makes France an expensive but beautiful country to visit.

Visiting France often is associated with day trips of visiting vineyards, but more importantly, the French Riviera, which is home to luxury and royalty. The French Riviera, which is also known as the Cote D’Azur is located in the South of France and is often a major stomping grown of Hollywood celebrities.


If you enjoy museums and cultural experiences, the Netherlands is a must-visit destination. With the highest number of museums and historical monuments, the Netherlands is a cultural hot spot.

Not a fan of museums? The Netherlands is also known for its assortment of cheese, wooden shoes as well as windmills.

Canada, a fellow luxury destination has ties with the Netherlands, as every year the Netherland government sends a shipment of Tulips to Ottawa, the national capital of Canada as a sign of appreciation for protecting their royal family during the Second World War.


This Scandinavian country is considered one of the most progressive countries in the world. In a way, its progressive mentality is what makes it such a welcoming and inclusive country to visit.

In Sweden, one of the things that attract tourists, and why the country has often been voted as the happiest people in the world, is that they ensure everyone has access to everything – from nature to healthcare and more.

While some countries require visitors to pay to access national parks and outdoor spaces, Sweden allows all to visit their glorious wonders without payment. Along the lines of nature, Sweden is a popular destination for anyone hoping to cross off seeing the Northern Lights on their bucket list.

The best place to take this wonderful and rare attraction is at the Abisko National Park, which features an observation center.

If nature isn’t your cup of tea, Sweden is known for this concept of “ficka,” which is a moment where all Swedes take a break and a moment to enjoy a break with friends and family.

Sweden is truly a great destination to visit and checkout from ample coffee shops and restaurants.


True, north, strong, and free, Canada is located in North America and features an array of tourist attractions and destinations. Coast to coast, travelers can find themselves always busy and entertained.

On the West Coast, tourists can enjoy skiing, golfing, and candlelight dinner by the beach all in a day, while on the East Coast, tourists can find themselves out on the Atlantic catching their meal while cooking it fireside.

With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder that this North American country is ranked as one of the most expensive countries to visit.

It’s important to note that when visiting Canada – it’s essential to make sure you come prepared with clothing that will be suitable for warm, cold, or hot temperatures, as you just never know what you’ll get during your trip.


Situated between Sicily and the North African coast, Malta is an archipelago home to ample historical sites that its rich history has influenced. From Romans, Moors, the French, and British, these countries have contributed to and can be seen throughout the country.

A few major attractions of Malta that are a must-see include Valletta, which can be visited on board a mini boat and cruise. The Mdina is also stunning at night and a must-see after a night out, enjoying some local and unique cuisines.

Given the size of Malta, tourists and locals can explore the country and cities via moped and electric cars, which are highly popular in the country.

While Malta is small, it is definitely filled with plenty of things to see and do – making it a luxurious vacation destination.

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