Montjuïc Castle Barcelona

Standing at the Montjuïc Castle which is 173m above the port, this vantage point offers you stunning views of Barcelona. It’s a peaceful place now, but its dark history reflects on Barcelona’s struggles during different periods in history.

The top of Montjuïc is unquestionably the best place for an artillery post, with 360° views of the city below. However, this military enclave wasn’t built until the Reapers’ War in 1640. In 1652, the fortress, which stands on the site of a watchtower, came under royal ownership and was one of the key defence points in the War of the Span

Juan Martin Cermeño, a military engineer from the 18th century, was hired to fix the castle after it had been badly damaged during war. The current appearance is from that era and reflects that of Spanish military architecture of the time.The castle has launched bombing raids on the city in the past and it has also been used as a prison. For example, in 1940, Franco imprisoned the president of Catalonia inside before executing him, Lluís Companys, was executed by firing squad at the castle. Once a military prison until 1960, the castle is now used as an army headquarters.Three years later, Franco opened a weapons museum in the castle. In 2007, the castle came under the ownership of Barcelona City Council and now belongs to all citizens.

Today the Montjuic Castle is a beautiful place to visit, walk around and admire the true beauty of the city of Barcelona.