How we just traveled to Mexico for FREE

Most people still have travel as one of their top goals in life and still put it away until the perfect opportunity arrives, there never seems to be enough time, money or both!

If I have learned something in the past year where I spent most of it outside of our regular “home” is that whenever you take chances in life, things most of the time always work out just fine!

About 2 months ago for our anniversary I decided to gift my wife the thing she loves the most nowadays, no its not perfumes or shoes anymore (Sign of Relief) just a plane ticket to pretty much anywhere, good thing is that whenever that gift opportunity comes along it is actually a gift to myself as well (without having to pull a Homer Simpson bowling ball gift ;).homer

So browsing away for a cheap destination close to home for a quick getaway handy ( found me a round trip flight to Mexico City for $140 each from Fort. Lauderdale, FL. Bought the tickets, gave her the surprise and we started planning the trip in advance as I normally do.

While shopping for hotels, I checked Airbnb as I normally do and found a great place near all the tourist attractions of Mexico City and booked it. While we were paying our Airbnb rental we thought that our place in Miami was going to be empty for the days we were in Mexico and we could just as easily rent it out for someone to stay in it.

Posting our Place in AirBnb

We had previously rented a room before in Airbnb but due to building restrictions we were not able to continue renting it. Now that we live in a different building we decided to try again. We took some pictures of our apartment and went ahead to list it in the site. With no reviews and just basic information of the apartment we were skeptical that we would be able to rent it on the same exact dates of our trip. To our surprise a couple of days before our departure we got a booking for 3 nights of our trip. We went ahead and confirmed the booking and just 2 days before our departure we got another rental confirmed for the last 2 nights.

We cleaned up the apartment and put some of our personal things in a closet with a lock and off we went to Mexico City. 5 Days later, after enjoying the Mariachi and the spicy food we came back to our apartment. Our last guest had left early in the morning and left the key under the door after he locked it like we told him, yes we had to do some light cleaning but it looked almost like we left it.

All in All our tenants paid for our entire Mexico Trip.

The Math!

We rented all 5 nights at an average of $120/Night = $600
A good friend of mine just reminded me of how much he loves the exchange rate, because of the strong dollar, our Mexican Pesos went a long way on our short trip.


Our Expenses in Mexico City

AirBnB rental for 4 Nights = $150
Round Trip Tickets = $140 Each = $280 for the 2 of us
Food, Drinks in Mexico $100
Souvenirs = $30
Taxis, Metro, Uber = $25
Tourist Entrances and Other = $50

In total after we got the money for renting our place we spent less than $50 going to Mexico for a quick Holiday.

If you live in an area where there is potential for renting your place (there is need for rentals everywhere), now you don’t have the excuse of not traveling due to a lack of money. There are hundreds of ways of saving in travel and this is just one more tip on getting money while you experience the world!

If you are new to AirBnb and want to try it out use this link you and I will get $20 when you travel and $80 when you host –