How Slow Travel Can Surprisingly Benefit Your Physical Health

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When it comes to vacations, if you really think about it, there isn’t much about it that’s health-oriented. You’re constantly on the go; you’re always in a rush, and sleep seems nonexistent. To top it all off, you want to try as much of the cuisine as quickly as possible, so it might even result in you not eating anything healthy in the slightest. Plus, there’s alcohol since a lot of countries and regions will specialize in something unique. 

Seriously, the list could go on and on. Other than the long walks, short vacations are usually not too healthy. It’s about getting as much as you can and indulging as much as you can in such a short amount of time because your vacation is in such a short amount of time. But with that said, it can actually be a great idea to just take things slow if you have the luxury to do that, of course. 

In fact, slow travel really helps you think back on why people travel– it’s to immerse themselves, and if you’re doing it quickly, you’re not immersing yourself. All you’re basically doing is just harming your physical health temporarily. So, here’s how slow travel can actually help your health! 

Stress Reduction and Immune System

The fast pace of modern life can take a toll on our stress levels, impacting both mental and physical well-being. Fast-paced travel basically does the same since you’re nonstop in a hurry! Needless to say, you’re having to jump from one thing to another with short-lived trips. But slow travel provides a respite from the hustle and bustle, allowing you to unwind and reduce stress. Plus, chronic stress has been linked to a weakened immune system, and by taking the time to relax and enjoy the journey, you may find yourself more resilient to illnesses.

More Sleep

Can you actually get much sleep at a hotel? Well, to a degree, but a lot of people try to stay up late, trying to squeeze in as much traveling as possible. Plus, most hotels have breakfast stopping by 10:00 am, and hotel checkout is from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. Can you really get much sleep with all of this pressure? That’s why staying somewhere long-term, whether it be Long Beach CA short term rentals, Airbnb, or even staying with family, can actually be a good idea- you’re getting the sleep you need since there isn’t any pressure. 

Slow travel, with its more relaxed pace, allows for better adjustment to local time zones, fostering more restful and rejuvenating sleep. Quality sleep is crucial for physical recovery and overall health. If you really want to experience a nice trip, you need your sleep!

Better Eating and Drinking Habits

When you’re timed on your travel, you want to try and indulge as much as possible; everyone is guilty of this. Plus. Fast food and on-the-go snacks are often the staples of quick travel itineraries. In contrast, slow travel allows for a more mindful approach to eating.  You’re usually more tempted to eat healthier, drink healthier, eat fresh, you name it. Plus, usually, with slow travel, you’re doing grocery shopping rather than constantly eating out.