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Let us take you to some of the best places on earth and show you what life looks like in different locations worldwide.

Unlike most other tourist guides, we go deep, discovering the food, culture, and hidden places of multiple countries every year.

Travel Tips

There are thousands of travel tips, from getting discount airfare and hotels to staying safe, and much more. We give you some of the best travel tips from multiple destinations around the world.

Product Reviews

Want to learn which are the best products to use or buy abroad? We review lots of different products and places to make your travels much more comfortable, from tech travel gear to hidden restaurant gems.

Our Story

We are Vicky and Santiago, a location-independent couple that has been traveling non-stop since 2012. After working remotely running different online ventures in more than 70 countries, we enjoy traveling slow, getting to know each place and culture, and sharing our travel tips.
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Travel Blogger

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