Things to do in Vaduz Liechtenstein

Vaduz Liechtenstein – Things to See and Do

Vaduz is situated along the Rhine. It is also the capital of Liechtenstein. There are a lot of mountains in Liechtenstein which are mostly recognised as a destination for winter sports. They are also great biking and hiking paths during the summer.

There are a host of activities to enjoy if you pay a visit to Vaduz, some of which are listed below.


Vaduz Castle

This is where the reigning prince of Liechtenstein lives along with his royal family. The Vaduz castle is located about 393 feet higher than Vaduz. This castle is a popular landmark for the capital of Liechtenstein and can be seen from far locations. The castle is more than 700 years old and went through critical renovations between the year 1905 and 1920 but the general public are not allowed into the castle.

Visitors can however climb the hill and walk around the perimeters of the castle and see the city from an Ariel view.



Cathedral of Saint Florin

This is also recognized as the Vaduz cathedral. It is situated south of Stadtle Street on Sankt Florinsgasse and it is a neo-gothic church which seats the Archdiocese of Vaduz. The church was constructed by Friedrich von Schmidt as a parish church in the year 1873 above the foundations of more ancient buildings.

In this time, it was home to the Liechtenstein Deanery. It was given its status as a cathedral by Pope John Paul II in the year 1997. There are delicately stained windows made of glass, remarkable chandeliers as well as high-arching ceilings to be seen inside the cathedral.



Red House –

This is a gable house which is steep with connected residential towers and Torkelgebäude befindete located in Vaduz is the same as village. Visitors have the capacity to observe the red house from far locations because it was constructed on a mountain.

The name of the house is gotten from the dark-red color it consists of and it has had this color right from the 19th century. There are documents which prove that work begun on a different building later on the same location but was neglected in the 15th century.


Old Rhine Bridge 

This is a bridge covered with wood with links the communities and Vaduz. The Rhine river creates the border between Switzerland and Liechtenstein and there have been bridges used to cross the Rhine at this location.

The wooden bridge there presently has been in existence since 1901 and was even utilised for vehicles till 1975. Once in the bridge, you can observe the exact spot you cross the border between Switzerland and Liechtenstein.