Things to Do in Salzburg Austria

Salzburg is a wonderful city located in Austria. It is commonly known as where Mozart was born, and it continuously appeals to a visitor in search of great sounds of music.

Although it is one of the littlest cities in Europe, there are still lots of things to do and check out which would keep you occupied. The below are a few of the things you can do in Salzburg Austria if you ever visit.

–        Pay a visit to the city’s Fortress

This is one of the things to do when you ever visit Salzburg Austria. You can pay a visit to the fortress in the city. The Hohensalzburg Fortress overlooks the whole town and also acts as the city’s centerpiece. While the fortress can be accessed by foot, a majority of the visitors prefer to utilize the funicular up the sloppy hill.

This fortress is the biggest fortress that has not undergone changes all through Europe. It was constructed by Archbishop Gebhard in the year 1077. You have a great view of most parts of the city immediately you are in the fortress. Places that can be seen include the festival halls, Cathedral, and the State Theater. There are displays on the castle history and how wars took place in medieval times.

–        Take a walk on the Mönchsberg

This is a five-minute climb which is worth every minute. The view from the top of the Mönchsberg is very remarkable. You go past the Nonnberg Convent from the old town and go towards the direction of the castle. Regardless of if you choose to go in or not, you will still enjoy the sight overlooking the Salzburg rooftops, and there is a remarkable view of the start of the Austrian Alps in the opposite direction.

This walk can take up to an hour, taking you through the Augustiner brewery located at the other corner of the Mönchsberg.

 –        City of Mozart

The most recognized composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in this city in the year 1756. His house can be viewed in the heart of the city where it has been safeguarded as a museum. There are family portraits consisting of his whole family alongside instruments he used to be seen inside the large house. The house also consists of his original furniture.

Visitors who are on the lookout for his music can locate it at the state theater. Officials of the city also safeguarded the second home of his family. The second is quite bigger than the initial one, and here there are other exhibits to be seen which showed how life was previously as well as a garden and a cafe.

The above are just a few of the things to do in Salzburg Austria among the host of activities. You can be certain that regardless of what you are into, you can always find something for you to do and see.