Best Things to do in Munich

In summary, it’s a cosmopolitan city with a large land mass, and it’s full of culture, art, as well as joie de vivre. Truthfully, the latter is best viewed every year at the classic Oktoberfest, although there is a lot more to this great city.

The city houses some of the world’s best preserved fine art museums, architecture, beer gardens, including classic restaurants; indeed every traveler has something of his own in Munich.

Below are some of the places to visit as well as a number of things to do in Munich

Neuschwanstein and Ludwig II

A Knight’s castle perceived ideal vision on the outside and a manred to Wagner’s operas on the inside, Neuschwanstein was regarded as Ludwig II’s most desirous project. At that same time, he launched Linderhof with Herrenchiemsee, two castles in the French style. Over 50 million visitors have delighted in these fairy-tale castles from the time they were built by the timid as well as a world-weary King. Particularly at Neuschwanstein, there seems to be no dull moment. If you take a day trip toward the direction of Füssen in the Schwangau, it is a memorable experience, as well as one of the top things to engage in Munich!



This is no doubt one of the most notable and tourist attraction landmarks available in the entire Munich, this church founded in the 15th century is most celebrated for it’s two 99 meter towers that stand as the Munich skyline. This church is one of the biggest cathedrals available in Germany, with close to about 20,000 seats for people. Frauenkirche is usually opened daily to the public and regularly holds a Catholic Mass. Although an extensive part of this cathedral was damaged during WW2, initial segments are still available, and the restored sections entail architecture in their initial style as well as stained glass windows of awe-inspiring beauty.


Das Jagd-und Fischereimuseum

It’s situated in the heart of Munich in the former Augustinian church.The German Hunting including the Fishing Museum offers an interesting insight into the long time practices that were once part of human survival. Paintings, interactive elements, rifles, taxidermy, trophies, as well as lots of other exhibits showcase the skill and also the precision required, with the effect of these activities have had on the vicinity and the culture over the years.


Beer and Oktoberfest Museum

In a city that offers close to 56 million bottles’ worth of beer per year, putting a museum in such city is quite fitting and with the museum dedicated to the amber nectar. Munich is also popular for its beer festival celebrations, Oktoberfest, and this museum is used to celebrate as well as to honor both the city’s history being a beer purveyor and as host to one of the most famous festivals around the world.

Visit Munich for the real education and acquire the knowledge on the role that migration had on the production of beer in Munich, not excluding the monasteries, the purity law, as well as the special quality of the beer in Munich. Also available is a collection of Oktoberfest memorabilia to enjoy.



The different history of modern art is extolled and explored at this great museum. After passing through changes more than David Bowie in the previous years (including a foray into classical modernism), it has stayed as an important cultural landmark, irrespective of where it’s focusing on, and continues to allure lovers of art from both far and wide. And the collection of art on display, also the museum hosts fellowships, visiting scholars, artists, curators, and workshops, make sure that whenever you visit something is going on.


Tollwood Festival

For three weeks in each summer, the Olympia-Park in Munich turns to a township of tents as well as stages, with culinary dishes from every part of the world on offer, with international music as well as the performance of the cabaret artists in front of a captive revelers audience. Diverse tents are allocated to circus shows, musical acts, and stage plays happy audiences, with spectators able to view the lots of the performances for free. Also, there are a lot of shops selling jewelry, craft items, and bric-a-brac from every part of the world.

While the Christmas is going on, another Tollwood Festival occurs, this time on the Theresienwiese, the same place where the Munich’s popular Oktoberfest is hosted.


Soccer Stadium Tour

Soccer Fans rejoice! After touring Munich’s city center throughout the day, the tour around the Soccer Stadium enables you unfettered entrance to Allianz Arena, which houses the Bundesliga powerhouse, FC Bayern Munich. Go through the stadium’s ins and outs on this guided tour, as well as on your exit, stop by the official group store and select a few new gears


Munich City Bike Tour

Enjoy the refreshing cool breeze while you pass through Old Town, the Royal Gardens, including the English Gardens available in the Munich’s downtown district. You may eat lunch at the Chinese Tower Beer Garden, while you overlook the sparkling crystalline waters as well as the grassy banks of the Isar River, will assist you to regain strength and get prepared for the return bike ride. The active traveler will enjoy the Munich City Bike Tour as it combines both exciting sites seeing with exercise.


John’s Bavarian Tours

With about 35 years of experience in both Munich and Bavaria, the better exciting placed to present to you around the place is John B Wetstone. He owns Johns Bavaria Tours which offers customized trips that are designed to your unique wishes, with John himself being the driver, guide as well as translator.

Each guest is given a red carpet door-to-door service, while you aren’t part of an extensive group, but privately on your guided tour, you may possess the opportunity to enjoy the freedom to view and do what you desire within a short period. Also, classic landmarks with attractions, John’s tours may also take you off the unannounced parts to view some of Bavaria’s secret gems.


Helicopter Tours in Munich

View the entire Munich with her surroundings like never before via the bird’s eye point of view of the city. Float via the clouds in the helicopter seat, a truly special guided tour to one of Germany’s best cities.

Fly via lots of districts that make up Munich, enjoying beautiful sights of the Castles of Neuschwanstein with that of the Alps. Everything is available in just a grand tour which may be enjoyed either in private or groups plan.