Cheap Beach Holidays

Looking for Cheap Beach Holidays, It seems that everyone’s idea of the perfect vacation always somehow involves a sunny beach, good drinks, plenty of sunscreen and a good atmosphere.

There are plenty of places around the world where you can have great cheap beach holidays. From airfare to hotel accommodations and more, we will list some of the best deals for you to discover. Keep in mind that depending on your budget your beach holidays might be very different from someone else, but this won’t have to stop you as you will soon find out, plenty of beaches around the world are not very expensive.

In the past couple of years we have visited some of the best beaches in the world, from the deep blue party beaches of Rio de Janeiro to the remote islands in Thailand, here is a list for you to keep in handy when you are searching for your next cheap beach holidays.

The two biggest expenses when it comes to finding the perfect cheap beach holiday is travel and lodging. If you only have a week off it makes no sense to travel across the globe to find the perfect beach as you probably spend more time and money on a plane than if you decide to go to a beach near to your location.

We have split all of the cheap but awesome beaches for your next holidays by Continents.

Cheap Beach Holidays


Panama City Beach, USA


Panama City Beach is probably most well known for its party atmosphere of teenagers and college students in spring break, but make no mistake, this city has something to offer for everyone. Check your calendar and make sure you are not planning a relaxing holiday while there are hundreds of college-age kids getting wasted, otherwise you will find beautiful beaches, nice places to dine and wine and not overly expensive hotels. You can find good deals on hotels or AirBnb if you book in advance.

Savannah, USA


Savanna in Georgia is a beautiful colonial town with a lot of charm. Well known for its architecture Savannah has some beautiful beaches nearby for you to enjoy without having to break the bank. If you are up for mixing culture with relaxation, Savannah might be the perfect spot for your next cheap beach holidays.

Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico offers the Spanish flavor to your holidays without the need of a passport for Americans. If you research in advance you can find roundtrip tickets to Puerto Rico from many American cities for less than $300. Lodging and food should be pretty cheap as well if you are ok staying in regular 3 – 4 star hotels. If you have a little more budget for your holidays make sure you check out the all-inclusive vacation packages offered. Oftentimes you will find packages for less than $600/per person where everything is included even the flights.

Cartagena & Santa Marta, Colombia

Cartagena(Vicky enjoying a great Colombian Beer in the Colonial part of Cartagena)

Colombia has become extremely popular for tourists in the past few years. Cartagena is probably the most touristy city in the country and offers an amazing number of cultural activities. I’m personally not the biggest fan of the beaches in Cartagena, but the colonial architecture and activities more than makes up for its lack of white sand beaches. On the other hand the small city of Santa Marta which is just a couple of hours away from Cartagena offers amazing clear water beaches and a great beach atmosphere for you to enjoy.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico


Sitting on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, Isla Mujeres is just a 5 miles long island in the Yucatan peninsula. This small tropical paradise is full of charm and character. Be ready to be exposed to some of the tourists from Cancun as it is just a couple of miles away and a couple of hotels are bringing their “holiday packages” to this island, but this should not put you away from staying and visiting this marvelous Mexican beach.



Thailand(The island made famous by Leonardo Di Caprio’s Movie The Beach)

Thailand is the mecca of backpackers seeking cheap beach holidays today. The south islands of Thailand offer some of the most amazing beaches in the world with a wide variety of activities to enjoy. From relaxing white sand beaches to the crazy full-moon and half-moon parties in Koh-Phangan Thailand has something to offer to everyone. You can find great hotels in most of the islands in Thailand starting at around $15 – $20 per night with breakfast included. Transportation is also very cheap.


Boracay(Boracay Paradise in Earth)

Traveling in the Philippines might be a little challenging since the country has over 7,000 islands. Many of them offer some of the best white sand beaches in the world. We specifically loved Boracay, even though it is very frequented by tourist and because of this prices have gone up a bit, you should definitely consider stopping by in Boracay for a few days if you are planning to visit the Philippines. It’s beautiful white sand beaches, clear water and awesome water front attractions make Boracay one of the best beaches we have visited anywhere in the world.


MuiNe(Beautiful sunsets in the quiet fisher town of MuiNe)

Not as popular to Thailand and the Philippines for beach destinations, Vietnam offer some great cheap beach holiday destinations such as Mui Ne and Nha Trang.


Cheap Beach Holidays(Vicky enjoying the private pool of our Villa – $65/night for a private pool villa, yes please)

This list could not be complete without mentioning Bali, probably one of the most famous cheap beach holidays islands in the world. Our experience with Bali was great, but if you are searching for the white-sand beaches this is not the best place for it. Bali is great overall, the mountain ranges in Ubud are beautiful and the Indonesian food is great, but the famous Kuta beach has some of the most dirty beaches we have seen anywhere. You can find great accommodations for about $25 USD per night with breakfast included for two. Alternatively you can get a private villa from $50/USD per night if you want to splurge 😉

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Like the US, European beaches are not as cheap as the ones in Asia or Latin America, but you should not put off your travels to some cheap beach holidays destinations in Europe as you will be surprised on some of the deals that you can find.

Majorca, Spain

Cheap Beach Holidays
Majorca one of the most beautiful islands in Spain is also home to some affordable accommodations. For about $35 – $60 USD per night you can find a pretty decent accommodations for two people.

Milos Island, Greece

Cheap Beach Holiday
Greece has many different beaches at affordable prices for you to choose from. A favorite by many people seeking a cheap beach holiday is Milos Island. It’s deep blue waters and white sand makes it a perfect retreat for many people. There are only about 100 hotels on the Island all offering great deals starting at around $30 – $50 USD per night, make sure you book ahead of time in order to find the best deals.