Best crepes in Paris

Looking for the Best crepes in Paris? One of the most famoust dishes in Paris, are crêpes. Fortunately, they’re anywhere, in restaurants, cafés, as well as on the streets. If you’re seeking street crêpes, you’ll discover many clustered in the location around the Montparnasse train station. (The area around rue de Montparnasse and Boulevard Edgar Quinet are where a lot of the crêperies are.) Considering that the trains departing as well as arriving from that station go to Brittany, immigrants started a business there once. In a location crowded with crêperies, the one that stands out is Josselin. It’s loud, bustling, and great deals of fun.

But regardless of where I go, I’m a follower of the timeless complète, a buckwheat galette (crêpe) confining a fine slice of jambon de Paris, grated Gruyère cheese, as well as a softly-fried egg relaxing in the middle waiting to be broken to dampen the whole point. I like my galettes crisp at the sides, with the earthy taste of real, newly ground buckwheat. Alongside, there’s absolutely nothing better compared to cider, such as Val de Rance, brut, obviously, which is the driest of the fermented apple ciders. For a treat, I usually obtain simply an easy galette smeared with salty butter and also a drizzle of honey, heated by the galette.

One little advice; a regular crêpe made with white flour is called a crêpe, as well as one made with buckwheat flour is called a galette, but often crêpe au blé noir. Some food selections listing both, so you can pick in between them. Treats are usually served on normal flour crêpes, but you could request for buckwheat ones, which is unusual, but I do it all the time and there’s never ever a trouble.

Right here are some favorite areas to delight. Numerous are prominent, so make sure to call as well as schedule if you can. Keep in mind that Josselin doesn’t approve credit cards, and also if you wish to visit Breizh COFFEE SHOP or Little Breizh, you need to schedule beforehand.


For a mix of modern-day and traditional, visit GiGi! GiGi has some of the Best crepes in Paris. Additionally provides warm chocolate and mulled wine, as well as sets well with either your sweet or savory crêpe on a wet Parisian day.

4 rue de la corderie, 3rd arrondissement. Open Up Tuesday- Saturday: 12 PM- 10:30 PM


Krugen is the reverse of a standard crêperie- its contemporary indoor makes this crêperie really cool. They crêpes are additionally superb and also only made with active ingredients from Breton.

58 rue de la Fontaine au Roi, 11th arrondissement. Open Up Wednesday- Saturday from midday and the evening from 7 PM, Breakfast on Sunday from noontime

Breizh Café

At Breizh Café you will certainly find uncommon active ingredients in your tasty crêpes, sprucing up the traditional crêpe food selection! An additional benefit of this location is that a full meal including both a wonderful as well as mouthwatering crêpe with cider is likewise really cost effective, for less than 20 EUR/ individual.

109 Rue Vieille du Temple, 3rd arrondissement. Open Wednesday- Saturday: 11:30 AM – 11 PM & Sunday 11:30 AM- 10 PM

Best crepes in Paris – Other Alternatives

La Crêperie du Josselin – Tél: 01 43 20 93 50
67, rue du Montparnasse (14th)

Crêperie Bretonne – Tél: 01 43 55 62 29
67, rue de Charonne (11th)

Breizh Café – Tél: 01 42 72 13 77
109, rue Vieille du Temple (3rd)

58, rue de La Fontaine du Roi (11th)
Tél: 09 52 29 78 79

Little Breizh
11, rue Grégoire de Tours (6th)
Tél: 01 43 54 60 74

Best crepes in Paris near Eiffel tower

142 Crêperie Contemporaine
59 Rue Saint-Charles, 75015 Paris, France

18 Rue Amélie, 75007 Paris, France
You most likely won’t go wrong with any of the places above, enjoy some of the Best crepes in Paris and your trip in France.