White Sand Dunes Mui Ne

Yesterday we visited the White Sand Dunes Mui Ne. If you are in Mui Ne or thinking about visiting you probably know that the White Sand Dunes are the number one attraction of this small beach town in the coast of Vietnam. Mui Ne a small town in the Phan Thiet region of Vietnam is a wonderful little beach town with a great beach atmosphere for you to relax.

Getting There.

You have two main options for getting to the White Sand Dunes of Mui Ne. The first one will be to book a tour with a group, or a private tour in a Jeep. These tours range anywhere from $10+ per person depending if you do it with a tour group or individually.

The second option if you are a little more adventurous like us is to rent a motorbike and ride there by yourself. The motorbike ride is beautiful as most of the ride is on the coastline, so the view is amazing. The only problem is that once you are getting close to the White Sand Dunes the road is not paved and in some parts full of sand where it is quite dangerous to ride if you are not an “scooter” experienced rider. We loved our ride to the White Sand Dunes, but when we were getting there our bike got stuck in the sand and we fell down. Thankfully it was nothing serious as we where going quite slow, I just got a few scratches on my leg. Most hotels or local stores will rent you a motorbike for around $ 6 – 10 per day. If you are careful on the way there you will have no problem getting there and again the ride is awesome.

Click Here to the exact White Sand Dunes Map in Google

Cost and Activities of White Sand Dunes Mui Ne

Once you arrive you only pay $10.000 VND (About $.50 Cents) to get in per person. Inside you will find a couple of cafes offering drinks and food. You have the option to rent a four-wheeler ATV, which based on some online reviews we heard they are old and not much fun. We did check them out and I can confirm that they looked quite dated so we decided to skip on the ATV ride and decided to walk instead. There is also a beautiful little lake next to the white sand dunes of Mui Ne where you can rent a kayak and go out in the lake.


The White Sand Dunes of Mui Ne is an awesome place to take some pretty cool photos. If you enjoy photography you won’t be disappointed that you visited the White Sand Dunes.

Check out the following pictures and video to get an idea of what it looks like.

Tips for the White Sand Dunes Mui Ne

The White Sand Dunes are very windy and the sand will hit you hard, try to wear some light pants and long sleeve shirt if you can. As you can see we wore shorts and the sand actually hits you when it starts blowing. Also make sure you take plenty of Sun Block as you will guess it, it is quite sunny all day long and you don’t want to come back with a sun burn.

Other than that we definitely recommend you visit the White Sand Dunes while you visit Mui Ne.

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