The best time to visit Thailand

When considering a country that has differing rainy seasons on its islands such as Thailand, picking a time to visit depends entirely on the destination you have in mind. Despair not, though, because even though the rainy seasons differ, it simply creates an extended dry and sunny season. So if the area you plan on visiting is pouring cats and dogs, it’s a short hop over the coast to golden rays of sunlight.

December to March poses as the best times to visit Thailand. Although like with its many tropical counterparts, unpredictable bursts of heavy rain should be expected and accounted for even on days that give you the brightest sunshine.

The thai islands Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Toa, which are located on the Gulf of Thailand are the best places to visit from January to March since they get less rainfall than the rest of the country even during the rainy season. January gives off the freshness of a New Year; February has sunny skies and bearable heat, with March reeling it in with dry and sunny weather also.

On Islands such as Krabi, Phuket, Koh Lanta Koh, Phi Phi, which a located on the west coast and Andaman sea, the most suitable time for a holiday laying on the warm sand and watching the waves crash is December and January. These months give maximum rainfall; maximum sunshine which combined provides a perfect environment for a beach holiday.

The city’s capital, however, has levels of humidity that provides discomfort level of ‘high’ to ‘extreme’ practically all year round. Fear not for there is an exception period which is in the months December and January, where the weather is relatively bearable with an average 32⁰c during the day and 20⁰c during the night which is the coolest the weather in Bangkok ever is. In the months of April and September, it is highly advisable to steer clear of Bangkok because those months are filled with ridiculously hot and humid weather and scalding, humid and wet weather respectively.

For pleasant skies and cool weather, your destination should be Chang Mai and the beautiful little town of Pai in the north of Thailand. The weather is much more pleasant in these towns than in Bangkok and most of the south. The months of December to February provides days of sunshine and nights of cool temperatures as low as 13⁰c and lower in the highlands, so come prepared.

In conclusion, the best time to visit Thailand is in the cool season, when the rainfall is spatial; the flowers are in full bloom and beautiful waterfalls. With conditions as pleasant as this, keep in mind that this season attracts numerous tourists, so it’s best to plan ahead. The worst time to visit Thailand though is during monsoon season also known as the rainy season, and these are during the moths of May to October.