Atmosphere 360 Kuala Lumpur Review

Atmosphere 360 Restaurant Review Rate: 8 / 10 

We almost did not go to Atmosphere 360 in the Menara Tower in Kuala Lumpur based on all the bad reviews we saw on tripadvisor and some other sites. This only goes to show that you have to make sure you try things for yourself and not let someone else’s bad experience keep you from seeing the places you want to see.

Once we decided to go to the Menara Tower we reviewed the different options for going up the tower, you can either purchase a ticket to the observation decks or go to the revolving restaurant. I highly recommend you go to the restaurant as you will be paying a lower price than the upper deck with food included. We went for the Hi-Tea hour which starts around 3pm until 5:30pm and it was great. The food was definitely not a 5-Star food experience, but I’m sure you will agree you will go to the Menara Tower in Kuala Lumpur mostly for the view and the experience more than for the food. Because of this I can’t say about having dinner or lunch here, but for the price you pay for the Hi-Tea which is about $15USD per person, I think the price is more than fair for getting an awesome experience.

The view you get from Atmosphere 360 on top of the Menara Tower is incredible, you get to see how large Kuala Lumpur really is, and as an added bonus you get to see the Petronas Towers from a Birds-Eye point of view.

When you arrive at the Menara Tower make sure you tell one of the attendants you are going to Atmosphere 360 as they will give you special access to the elevator so you don’t have to stay in line with everyone else that is going to the observation decks. I found it amusing how much people pay just to go to the observation decks, even paying more than what we paid for our Hi-Tea (Buffet Style Food Included) just to take pictures. This might be a reason for our high score of Atmosphere 360 Restaurant Review, as we found great value on the money we spent.  Once you go up the elevator you will find the nicely decorated Atmosphere 360 where a host will escort you to your table with a number so you won’t get lost when you get up as the whole restaurant rotates.

We had some different pastries, they even had some chicken and beef which I found interesting since this was only the Hi-Tea hour, so you can have a decent meal at the Hi-Tea hour at a lower cost than paying for dinner.

All in all we were very happy to have made it up to Atmosphere 360 and recommend it to anyone visiting Kuala Lumpur.

Atmosphere 360 Restaurant Review