Best Tourist Places To Visit In India

Tourist places in India

Looking for the best tourist places in India ? A Chinese traveler I met in Nepal told me that they have a saying in China that India is “Half Heaven / Half Hell” and I found it very amusing but very fitting for many different reasons. Before my trip to India some people told me that it was amazing that I would visit such infamous travel destination while mostly everyone else asked me why on hell would I go to India, and even hearing a few stories of people who visited and totally disliked it. As with any trips taken before, I very well know now that the perception of every person is completely different and this is completely normal. Not only do people have different experiences in different places, but we also see the world through our own experiences and expectations. Because of this, I know that good or bad reviews are always better to experience a place by yourself so you can make your own conclusions.

India is everything they tell you and everything you’ve read and seen in movies and documentaries. Yes it’s dirty, yes you will get the Delhi-Belly at some point, but there is a hidden beauty besides all the amazing monuments, forts and temples that make you fall in love with the country in a very strange way.

First of all, you have to put everything in perspective, India is a country with a population of over 1 billion people and with a percentage of people (find out how much) that lives under poverty. Because of this Indians are very used to not having a lot of private space, and everything that sometimes makes common sense for you makes no sense for Indians. If you get easily irritated India will get in your face every day. People don’t wait in line and cut right in front of you, some tuk-tuk drivers will hustle you and annoy you just to try to get you somewhere and many other things that are completely normal for Indians might be very annoying for westerner tourists. But once you start to understand that this is the way they live, that this is their culture and that YOU are the one visiting, everything starts changing. India is a great country if you want to practice your patience. Somehow oddly enough after a few days, most of this things no longer bothered me. Someone cut the line, I let them right thru, whats the problem of waiting two more minutes, all these little things that would normally get someone angry start flowing out of you while you start getting an understanding of the Indian culture.

On the other hand of the people that are on your face, when you get to know an Indian at a deeper level they are some of the most welcoming and attentive people I’ve encountered anywhere. The few chances I had of connecting with Indians they were so incredibly nice, always open to tell you their life stories and intrigued to learn more about you. Most Indians truly love their country and are so proud of their culture that they love to show you around, make you try some delicious food and overall make you have a great impression of their country and culture. As I’ve always said places are more about the people than the tourist attractions you visit. It is a pity that most tourists and tours that you see in India don’t get the chance to truly experience having a meaningful relationship with any local as they move from tourist destination to the next in the big tour buses.

Places to visit in India

Are you the type that loves adventures and you’ve been searching for the best place to visit? Does the road draw out the traveler in you? Believe me, India holds all the adventurous place you may want to visit.

The most incredible thing about backpacking in India is that; you won’t have the capacity to decide what you cherish the most because there are lots of things to fall in love with ranging from its thriving metropolis, or the expansive desert, the people, culture, historical records or even the chaos combined with the fun.

To enjoy your backpacking in India, you have to get prepared and kit up yourself for the most exciting trip.

Below are some of the best places to backpack in this great country that will provide you with great sights to behold and leave you with wonderful memories.


Places to visit in IndiaGoa is frequently called the Vegas of India. It is the ultimate backpacker destination In India. Goa is full of lovely places that you would love to visit. It owns one of the most beautiful waterfalls in India. Dudhsager waterfall is the most beautiful place to visit in Goa. The sight of the waterfall is breathtaking.

The velocity at which the water rush down the hill is a mesmerizing sight. It is best enjoyed when you trek through the bumpy lines of the area, hills, and fascinating forests. Goa also possesses colonial structures with great architectural planning. The structure includes the Basilica of Bom Jesus and the Salim Ali bird sanctuary.



It is located in Himachal Pradesh, Kangra valley to be precise. The green foothills of Himalayan have been a habitat of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan refugees. The natural beauty that this place holds has attracted a lot of travelers and tourists. It also holds sacred monasteries which accommodates a host of worshipers.

Over the years, Dharamsala has gain recognition because it provides adventurous sports. It is best enjoyed when you take a stroll through the thick vegetation to the cataract waterfalls and also the mountain range of Dhauladhar Also a visit to the rock

Leh Ladakh

The Letter Ladakh is a place that holds the trails of the highest backpackers in the world. It holds the highest attraction for tourists which ranges from the most luxurious food cabarets in the world, to the highest roads traveled by motors and also the highest ATM. It is best visited between the periods of September to June. During this period, the temperature is pleasant.

Best places to visit in India


Munnar is such a magnet for backpackers. It is located in Kerala and situated at the confluence of three rivers consisting of Kundala, Mudhirapuzah, and Nallathanni. Its high tea estates and exotic flowers make it one of the best place to go on a backpacking trip.

Munnar is rich in flora and fauna. This place holds the rare blue flower ‘neelakurinji’ which blooms once in every 12 years. Munna has a pleasant climate all through the year. Therefore, can be visited any time of the year.


Spiti which is often referred to as ‘little Tibet’ is a conceptual place for backpackers without a companion. The kind of lines of the valley which is usually tough has made it a paramount alternative for bikers and trekkers.

Also, if you love the sight of snow, and roaring rivers, then Spiti is a place you should visit. Spiti is also the home of the popular ki and tabo monasteries. These monasteries serve as a cultural and research center for Buddhists. It is best visited during summer, mid-May to mid-October.

New Delhi

backpacking in IndiaDelhi is for many the first stop to any Indian adventure as it is one of the main airports in the country, the busy capital of India also creates among the best travel destinations in India. A city of heritage monuments, brimming expositions and also delicious street food reminding you of its abundant past from the Mughal age to the city that is today, even more, cosmopolitan and also modern with its sprawling buildings, high-end shopping malls, shopping facilities and luxury resorts & restaurants; Delhi is for sure, a true combinations old cultures as well as present day’s innovation.

Be it a walk via the slim lanes of ‘Chandni Chowk’ relishing on its lip-smacking chaats, a genuine purchasing enjoyable in the roads of ‘Sarojini Nagar’ or more exotic ‘Delhi Haat’, a heritage walk through the stunning Mughal architectural work of arts of ‘Humayun’s Burial place’ and ‘Qutab Minar’, a browse through to the 700 years of ages ‘Hazrat Nizammuddin Dargah’, a lovely experience of cherishing on some yummy cuisine resting at a lake side coffee shop in the chic ‘Hauz Khas Town’, an unforgettable time at the lively ‘Kingdom of Dreams’ enjoying a musical Bollywood night, or an outing time at the famous ‘India Gate’; the listing of ‘must-do things’ in Delhi has no end.

Among the must-visit destinations in India, a journey to Delhi need to absolutely get on the traveling checklist for all interested visitors, expertise hunters and gastronomes keeping an eye out for a holiday journey in India.


Rishikesh is famous with backpackers as well as a lot of Indian tourists. This is as a result of the fact that it is a spiritual opening to


Meghalaya is s scenic place for backpackers. It holds long pine trees, pouring waterfalls, and mountain peaks glowing with green colors of vegetation. It has a calm and a peaceful climate. Meghalaya has a society which is matrilineal and is possessed by few locations around the globe. Meghalaya is usually cold especially during the periods of November to February. So the best time to visit is between the months of September to May.

Dzukou valley

The chirping of birds and glancing at the clear rivers with the combination of beautiful flowers indeed holds tranquility.

It is known as the ‘valley of flowers of the North East’. It plains hold the abundance of different types of colorful flowers. The ideal period to visit is from June to September.


Best places to visit in IndiaA city immersed in a remarkable Mughal appeal, Agra needs no introduction. House to the timeless symbol of love, the famous ‘Taj Mahal’, Agra finds one of the topmost put on the globe heritage map. Needing to its praise of being the only city in the world flashing with 3 globe heritage websites, Agra certainly makes it to the listing of popular Indian traveling destinations.

With its 3 gems, the impressive Taj Mahal, amazing Red Agra Fort, and splendid Fatehpur Sikri; the city lures countless travelers including historians as well as art fans from all throughout India and also the world. From savouring on the city’s authentic and also conventional Mughlai flavours, buying in the vibrant markets teeming with marble handicrafts adorned with great inlay carvings and great natural leather things, seeing the legendary of the classic love between Shah Jahan and also his precious, Noor Jahan reviving at the ‘Kalakriti Cultural & Convention Center’ to soaking your spirits in the fascinating feast of the ‘Taj Mahotsav’, there is a lot more to do in the historic city of Agra than just discovering its monuments.

For a much more closer as well as an adventurous challenge with this social city, jump on an off the beaten track journey as well as check out the narrow alleys of the old city, old temples or check out the popular poet, Mirza Ghalib’s birthplace.

Best tourist places in India


Holy location. For hippie backpackers, it’s a spiritual journey. Happening every October to November is the Pushkar camel fair which has been an event for putting Pushkar on spotlights.

India as a whole is a little off the beaten path, and it leaves you with shocking sight each day. So pay a visit to some of these locations to get the best of backpacking in India

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