Everest base camp trek

Journey to Everest Base Camp

After waiting 2 days to be able to fly to what is called the most dangerous airport in the world in Lukla because of the weather, all the mountaineers with their thin jackets and boots that show the experience of several years of heavy walking were waiting in the domestic terminal. from Kathmandu airport. Meanwhile me with my newly bought boots and my “Wannabe Mountaineer” look was eager for our flight to be called. Finally on the microphone we heard Yeti Airlines Flight 155 and we boarded the smallest plane in which I have traveled that only seats 18 people, to what would be perhaps the most spectacular and spooky flight I have ever experienced. The short 35min are spent between breathtaking mountain views and the couple of turbulences that make you remember all the bad photos you saw on Google about that trip. At the end the driver “who is perhaps one of the best in the world” makes a 90 degree turn as if in a racing car and rapidly descends to what is perhaps the shortest track in the world within the mountains.

DAY 1 – Lukla To Namche Bazar

Happy to land with an incredible feeling of being alive, they quickly take us out of the plane, ask us to please stop taking so many photos and selfies and proceed to leave the room they call the airport in Lukla. Quickly the Guide who was waiting for me recognizes me and we proceed to start the walk to the Everest Base Camp “Everest Base Camp”. Speaking to all the other tourists, who all go with their super-equipped giant backpacks, most of them come for 14 to 20 days to do the tour. By losing one day due to the flight cancellation, there are only 10 days left, which my guide assures me that without any problem we will be able to reach the Everest Base Camp “Everest BaseCamp” and back for my flight in Lukla to Kathmandu.

We had a quick coffee near the airport, we embarked on a very pleasant 3-hour walk to a small town called Tok Tok between Lukla and Namche Bazaar where my guide’s mother-in-law has a guest house. As soon as we begin to walk quickly we get into the mountains where the views unravel you with each step you take. Between rivers and mountains we began to cross the same path of Donkeys, Yaks and “Porters” men that are the transportation system in the mountains. It is incredible to know the weight they have to carry day after day, so that all this journey is possible for tourists and so that thousands of people can continue their daily lives in the mountains.

My very formal guide waits for me patiently every 10 minutes when I stop to take photos and videos, where the view is getting better than the previous one. In the same way, we continue talking with his broken English but we still understand each other, when we just began to pass the first -stupas- and Buddhist temples which you always have to go through the left part by tradition so that the stupa is always on the right hand side, I The one says that it is good luck and after 3 times of reminding myself I finally managed to understand it and the rest of the way we continue at a very good pace since I bring a super small backpack (which I hope I will not regret in a few days when the temperature starts to drop ), next to groups of mountaineers and tourists of all ages.

Children and local people all smile at you with a “Namaste” as we continue our way to Tok Tok. Finally we arrive at the guest house of my guide’s mother-in-law where her 3-year-old son welcomes us with the most beautiful greeting in the world. I order a pasta with vegetables and I relax from the day’s journey drenched in sweat but happy to be seeing the beautiful landscapes of Nepal. Accommodation is the most basic thing there is, but it is where you realize that a “home” is not made by luxuries, but by people’s love. Where the warmth of each smile warms you more than the best heaters of any Hilton or 5-star Hotel, where you realize that it doesn’t really take much to be truly happy. I spend a quiet afternoon talking with my wife who I miss tremendously after almost 4 weeks of not seeing her and reading a book in the heat of a chocolate while I kill time writing these words to let night fall to rest and prepare for the early morning, walk towards Namche Bazaar.

Notes: Incredibly the Ncell review continues to work Super Good Until Tok Tok
Remember To Bring A Good Extra Battery (Solar Preferably), Wet Cloths, Camelback, Water Purifier

Moist Panitos
External Battery, Preferably Solar Charger
Water Bottle / Camelback
Water purifier
High protein meals / Bars, Protein Powder, Peanut Butter, Chocolate
Mix of drinks, Coffee, Tea
Kangaroo travel to carry valuables
A travel lock
Lip-Stick – Sunscreen
Travel Towel
Book or things you like to kill time, paint some super portable instrument

DAY 2. – Namche Bazar

7:30 in the morning and after a bath with wet cloths, the breakfast that I ordered the night before of bread and omelet is ready and my guide prepares his son to accompany us with his wife to Namchee Bazar as they are on their way home, which tells me there is 30min after Namche Bazar. In the morning, still a bit cold, the day began to walk on trails when we ran into the river again and began a 3 and a half hour journey skirting the river 90% of the time.

As I follow my guide and his family, I am only thinking about the very different kind of life that millions of people in the world have. Some complain about the traffic in the morning, some have to cross 4 hours of mountain to visit their family and get to work.

We continue traveling when suddenly a super high mountain appears and in the background I see 2 spectacular hanging bridges. The truth is that the crossing is not for someone who is afraid of heights, but after you see 30 donkeys passing by the bridge, you trust a little more that everything will be fine. Camera in hand we pass the bridge and it gives us a direct spectacular view of the river and the mountains, I get to the other side of the bridge and tell a Swiss couple that I met on the flight that if this is not feeling alive, I don’t know what else It would make you feel that way.

Passing the bridge I check my cell phone, and Vicky had left me a WhatsApp message, being in the middle of nowhere I tried to make a video call and to my admiration I connected us and with a very bad signal I was able to show her the landscape and say hello while walked. At the end of the call, I took the opportunity to call my parents who jumped for joy to see my call, and actually I am glad to have bought the internet package for the cell phone which has served me wonders so far (Ncell Company). (You can buy the sim card at the Katmandu airport, as of March 2018 5Gb is worth 13 dollars and 10Gb is worth 18 dollars)

The last stretch is quiet but steep, so thanks to my small suitcase, I get ahead of the group and put on my headphones to listen to some music and relax. At the top of the mountain at a stop, there is conversation among the walkers, I meet a few Chileans and my guide shows me that in the background behind some trees the tip of Everest can be seen in the distance. After a short break and the joy of seeing Everest for the first time, we arrived at the entry point of Namchee Bazar where they review the permit that I had bought a few hours ago for 3,390 Rupees Approximately 34 dollars and finally you begin to see the bottom of the mountain the colorful little town of Namche Bazar. As I enter I see a completely new water fountain and Buddhist decorations and the only thing one can ask is how they do to build all this in the middle of nowhere and at 3,440 m (11,290 ft) high.

Finally we arrive at the hotel or guesthouse where I will stay the next 2 nights, when they tell me that they have enough guests but that if I want I can stay in the Buddhist prayer room of the house, and that I will only share it with the one who should be the hotel’s grandfather, since he is a super nice old man who laughs every time he sees one. I thought about asking about the room, but I let things happen by themselves and the truth is that I don’t think that every day one has the opportunity to sleep in a Buddhist room.

I ask to take a bath and by surprise they have a shower with a gas heater, I take a good long bath with hot water and after the walk and the cold it feels the most luxurious in the world. I realize that in reality things as small as taking a bath with hot water, something so normal that we do every day and drink unnoticed is the greatest luxury that can be on the other side of the world.

At the hotel I relax a bit, trying to be as hot as possible I ask for a rice with vegetables to change my diet a little every day I take the opportunity to rest while I see the high mountains covered in snow and where I dedicate myself to write these words in The computer that almost did not turn on me that I hope I will not have any problem when the temperature drops more in the next few days.

Day 3 – Namchee Bazaar Acclimatization and Everest View Hotel

Another day in Namche Bazar and when I open my eye at 7am I remember that an Indu who is staying at the hotel and who saw me taking pictures last night told me that he wanted to take pictures of him at dawn and that if he wanted he would let me know, said and done 7am I knock on the door and I grab the camera to quickly go out to take some pictures of the sun rising behind the largest mountain seen from Namche Bazaar. I talk to him and he tells me that a group comes from a Management school in Calcutta and goes on a group trip every year. I finish taking some photos and I get ready to leave at 8am exactly at which time my guide arrives to go out on the day’s walk.

Without a suitcase but with only a camera and water in hand, it is much easier and more tasty to walk. We left Namchee Bazar and headed towards Everest View Hotel, as soon as we started to climb the mountains began to surround us closer and closer and each white peak shining with the sun looks more beautiful than the previous one. My guide explains the name of each mountain which obviously I quickly forget as they have some pretty strange names. We continue walking and passing the groups of various tourists, when I ask him if we finally have Mount Everest in sight, he tells me that it is almost there.

After a couple of hours of walking we finally arrived at the Everest View Hotel which from afar looks quite luxurious, and perhaps is one of the hotels with the best views in the world. We passed 3 helicopters a few meters from the hotel and my guide tells me that for $ 2,000 dollars you can take a helicopter from Kathmandu, have lunch at Everest View Hotel and return to Kathmandu the same day.

We enter the hotel and continue to the restaurant when I see mountain after mountain in the background and the feeling of joy fills my whole body. I see at the bottom of all the mountains the peak of Mount Everest and as a good tourist I begin to take fifty thousand photos of it. I ask for a jug of Hot Chocolate which I share with my guide and we enjoy having those hot cups of chocolate with one of the best views I have ever had. I see that the NCell signal is still quite good and I take the opportunity again to say hello to my wife and my brother in Chile.

The guide asks me if I want to return to Namche, but being only 11am I tell him to continue and take the road to a small town which has a very beautiful Buddhist monastery. I pay the 300 rupees (3 usd) to see the main room of the monastery where the main attraction is the skull of the Yeti. Obviously super skeptic, I keep seeing the temple and we left the town to return to Namche Bazar.

On the way we continue to run into several yaks loading merchandise on a couple of occasions having to help the one who leads them to continue on their way, and very close to Namche Bazar we had to see the take off of a helicopter with cargo, and you realize how difficult it is to move merchandise in these remote heights of the world.

We return to the hotel and I return to take a hot bath that feels like royalty after a day of hiking, and I prepare to go to do a couple of winter clothes shopping since my guide tells me that he knows where I can buy everything cheaper. As you can remember when bringing a very small suitcase / backpack I did not have any space to bring anything heavy in winter, which is obviously more expensive to buy here in Namchee Bazar than in Kathmandu where everything is very cheap, but saving 3 days of walking with a super light suitcase pays the difference. My beloved guide tells me that he can lend me a sleeping bag and gloves, and I think he had already planned to stay here at the lodge tonight to be able to leave early tomorrow, but he decided to go back to his house which is 1 hour away and average to pick up what he is going to lend me, the sunglasses that he had left and perhaps spend one more night with his family since the next 5 days he will be away from home.

In Namche Bazar you find everything, it is a very nice little town with many shops, restaurants, bars and more. I buy some extra cold things to prepare myself to continue the way to Everest Base Camp. In the same way, I still feel super calm and very happy for not having any symptoms of discomfort from the altitude. So until now I have not taken “Diamox” pills that they recommend for height, since until today I have not felt any discomfort.

Day 4 From Namche Bazaar (3443m) to Pangboche (3930m)

After spending another night in the Buddhist room of the hotel in Namche Bazar, I get up early to pack my suitcase and prepare for what will be the longest day of hiking so far. I pay the bill, which to my surprise includes the 2 hot baths, which cost 350 Rupees each (3.5 dollars) Suitcase, water in hand and everything ready, my guide arrives very punctual again at 8:30 and we leave Namche Bazaar towards Dembuche. At the beginning of the road we ran into many large groups of walkers, and we quickly passed and advanced at a very good pace.

As I continue along the road, I keep seeing the “porters” carrying all kinds of merchandise, some quite young, even carrying 2 large gas tanks each. The further one enters the mountains, the more you put everything in perspective of how difficult it is to move each of the items that one sees on the road, from Coca-Cola to souvenirs, everything moves on the backs of these men and some animals.

Today’s route was 10.7 miles (check in km) and with all kinds of roads, climbs, descents and straight sections. Having a few good hours to be with yourself, many times because of the rocks and all the obstacles on the way, all you see are your boots taking step by step, trying to look up quickly to see the spectacular mountains but always returning to look step by step. With so much time in hand, one begins to reflect on many things, as many times in life we ​​are so focused on taking these steps (be it at work, with family, etc.) that we forget to stop and see the landscapes around, the people around us and how fortunate we are to have this experience of being alive on this planet.

After 4 hours we arrive at Tengboche which is the most normal stop for most walkers on the way, which has a spectacular Buddhist temple. I keep wondering how they build so much in the middle of nowhere. We stop to have a tea in milk (Cost 150 Rupees / Approximately 1.5 usd) and relax with the beautiful view of the mountains with the peak of Mount Everest always in the background waving from afar.

From that point we only have one more hour left for our stop where we arrive at about 3pm. On the way, I stop to pick up a plastic bottle that someone left on the way, and I take it to the next stop with garbage, which is about 30 minutes later. It gives me time to think about how good it would be if each of us were a little more aware of everything we consume, throw away, spend etc. In the day to day it is normal to buy water bottles, use plastic bags, etc. and not even think about all the energy that has to be consumed to get rid of all this. Most of us always say how we would like to improve the planet, etc. but if we do not start with such basic tasks as stop using plastic, re-use and recycle what we can, it is impossible to achieve change.

Finally we arrive at the hotel or guest house, and I finally have my own room again, 2 beds so that means 2 blankets because I don’t have to share and I relax from the walk. With all the afternoon I book, I take the opportunity to rest, read a little and fill up the water boot that I brought. Before traveling I read many blogs about things to bring and one of those was a water purifier. The more one goes up, the more expensive everything gets. The water that is normally worth 30 Rupees in Kathmandu, already costs 150 Rp in Dembuche. So not only for the economic savings but also for the point of not using so much plastic, and I tried to be using the water purifier, grossly I left the special bag that it brings so I start Mc-Giver with a used water bottle To put plastic around the funnel and try to adjust the purifier, I begin to do the process of purifying the water by making a severe puddle in the room, when I go to the sink for more water and I see another tourist with exactly the same purifier. What are the odds of that? I laugh and tell him that we are exactly the same and very dearly he lends me the purifier bag to be able to purify the two and a half liters of water that I will take on the road tomorrow.

At this height and in such remote places is where you really realize the millions of things that we take unnoticed. Here charging the cell phone costs 350 Rupees ($ 3.5) anything you want if you don’t have it with you and you are good and you find it you have to pay super expensive and you pay it with pleasure since everything has to go by plane or helicopter behind the backs of animals and men for days so that one can buy it. We live day by day so used to having easy access to everything that we forget to value every little thing that adds value to our lives.

At this point, being able to eat well and be warm is what makes you happiest, being able to access the Internet and take a hot bath from time to time are already luxuries in this part of the world. In the same way, the feeling of reaching the highest point in the world and feeling so alive with each step you take is not compared to anything.

Day 5 From Pangboche (3930m) to Dingboche (4410m)

After spending a good hot night under the covers and with double pants and a jacket, the only incident was that at some point in the night, who knows how I moved in bed and ended up with my hand outside the covers and without a glove, As soon as I open my eye I feel my hand super frozen and tense, my first instinct was to bite my finger and I did not feel pain, with my hand completely asleep I quickly look for the glove again and put my hands inside my legs to warm my hand as quickly possible, I go back to sleep and I get up before the 6:50 am alarm sounds and I go out to take advantage of connecting again to the Ncell internet 2 minutes from the accommodation to say goodbye to my wife, send a message to my parents and check the email . That is perhaps the last time that I connect to the internet in the next few days, since in the rest of the way there is not so much signal and the lodgings begin to charge everything much more expensive. Already the internet costs 600 Rp (6 usd) for 250mg.

I have a coffee for breakfast and say goodbye to the Canadian who lent me the water purifier bag, but we still knew that we were going to bump into each other on the way since we are going to the same place. We start the walk with my guide, and he tells me that today is a mild day of 3 and a half hours since yesterday we talked a lot of progress. Another beautiful sunny day and following the mountains. Very quickly we ran into the Canadian and we continued the rest of the way talking and taking advantage of it to take it easy since we know that it is a short day of walking.

We arrive in Pangboche and I tell the Canadian that if he wants to look at the lodging where I am going to stay since my guide always takes me directly somewhere, and he decides to stay in the same lodging. Having arrived quite early, we took the opportunity to sunbathe and relax a bit. The super prepared has a super good solar battery and as soon as he finishes charging his cell phone he lends it to me for a while to take advantage of to charge mine a little more since here everything goes up much more in price. Now a cell phone charge already has 500 Rp (5 usd) and charging a large external battery is worth 1500 Rp (15 usd) so it is definitely worth having a good solar battery to be charging electronics.

I take a cat bath “Quick face wash” and the Canadian tells me that he is going to take advantage of going up a mountain that is behind the town and I decide to accompany him. We begin to climb and the mountains around us are more and more spectacular. He is an amateur photographer so he slowly takes photos everywhere, so I take the opportunity to continue recording video and taking photos of such spectacular landscapes. We reached a very high point and the little ankle pain from my boots began to bother me again so I decide to go back to rest my foot for tomorrow’s walk and he continues to climb a little more.

I return to the lodge and take the opportunity to eat pasta with vegetables again, my diet in recent days has been very varied;) one day pasta with vegetables the next day rice with vegetables. I relax a bit, read for a bit, stretch for a bit, go out in the sun for a bit, and I realize how slowly time passes. It is incredible to realize when you are not so busy with something how slow the minutes can pass, but in the same way you feel a serenity of just living minute by minute without being aware of anything on the Internet or having to distract yourself with the typical routines from day to day. It feels tasty to be one with yourself, letting the minutes go by even looking out the window.

They light the fireplace that the lodgings have here in the common room and restaurant and most tourists take the opportunity to exchange stories and warm ourselves around. I have a hot tea and I continue talking with the Canadian about various things, yoga, photography and places in Asia since he has lived in South Korea for years. At this point, anything as simple as a cup of hot water is the best gift they can give you. Take the opportunity to show me his photography projects and we let time pass for night to fall. Another day quite relaxed and very pleasant, start a walking routine class in the morning, spend the afternoon relaxed and go to bed early to sleep at 8pm to repeat the same the next day.

With few luxuries, I already spend the 2nd day with a bath at the end of wet cloths, where the mere fact of brushing your teeth makes you feel already clean and refreshed. I imagine that the hot bath that I will give myself in a few days will feel quite good. Back in the room, I take the opportunity to turn on the computer again to continue writing and let it warm up a bit without trying to use up the battery, this will be the strategy to keep it at a good temperature for the next few days.

Day 6 Dingboche (4410m) to The Pyramid | Ev-K2-CNR

When I went to sleep early at 8pm for some reason at midnight I got up and was awake for a few hours, but finally I was able to go back to sleep. Again I open my eye before the alarm clock at 6:30 and take the opportunity to charge the cell phones a little more so that the electronics are getting hot, and I hug the computer for a while as if it were my girlfriend to give it warmth.

7am and I go out to wash my face with water completely drained from a tank that the lodge has since the pipe is frozen, that when I enter the lodge again, which is also cold, it feels warm in comparison. I pack a suitcase again and have a tea with cookies to start today’s walk.
I say goodbye to the Canadian and we headed towards what would be the last stop before arriving at Everest Base Camp. One quiet day, we continue the day’s walk and I start to take more photos than normal, I think it may be the inspiration of the Canadian you know when he showed me his photos. When halfway through I keep taking photos and lose my guide from sight. I got to Tengboche, the town where I think we would spend the night, and nothing I see, I go back a little to see if he was looking for me further back on the road and nothing, when I look at the bottom and I recognize him, and I think how funny that It is when one gets used to having some company, there is even one pending of not losing contact. We continue walking and he tells me that we are going to another place belonging to a friend, which is a laboratory. We passed Tengboche and came to a pyramid covered in solar panels. I think the concept is super and we go in to rest and they give me an unlimited Internet package for 1000 Rp (10 Usd) obviously it is super slow, but incredible to have the option at this point. I relax the rest of the afternoon since tomorrow is the big day where I will finally visit the Everest base camp. I order a Dal Bat typical food from this area which is rice with a kind of lentils with potatoes and cauliflower “since we are on the subject of food, I realize that I have not eaten any meat for more than 2 weeks, and not a drop of alcohol and I feel pretty good about this “

I start to see the sunset and I see that the moon is going down behind the mountain, super for a photo, and when I am taking the 3rd photo I do not look well and the small tripod that I have does not fit well to the stone where it had it and it I drop the camera to the floor damaging the lens. It makes me a little angry because I need to damage the camera the day before I visited the everest base camp, but as I always think, there will be some reason and there is nothing I can do. I try several times to resuscitate the lens without any results and I prepare the cell phone with a full charge since it will be what I will use to take all the photos at the Everest base camp.

Did 7 Everest Base Camp.

After spending a not so good night, in the middle of the night I got a horrible heat since I had 3 pants and 3 blankets, I take off what I can, somehow because of the height, breathing becomes more difficult and I It’s hard to get back to sleep, I wake up at 6am and I get ready for the day of hiking. I eat a muesli with hot milk that is like a very heavy granola with peanuts and everything, and I prepare the suitcase as light as possible, just with the water bottle and a scarf in case it gets colder. We start the hike and quickly the road gets quite rocky, we start walking again at the pace of yaks carrying merchandise and going up and down mountains and rocks.

I definitely think it was the heaviest day of hiking, but the expectation of reaching what would be “the goal” of this walk kept my spirits very high. We continue walking for several hours, when we finally see the peak of Mount Everest again, all the time on the walk one only sees the peak of Everest that comes out behind the mountains since it is hidden behind many other mountains that cover it. We spent about 4 hours when my guide tells me that in the background you can see the Everest base camp, I am filled with excitement and we begin to descend rapidly.

Finally I get to the point that I had always seen in so many photos and I realize that like almost everything in life the important thing is the path, not the destination. I take the opportunity to make a few videos for my family and wife and take the typical photos with the flags when my guide tells me that he is going down. I can’t stop him and I keep taking photos and videos. I see several tents in the distance and they are all the people who are beginning to prepare to climb to the top of Everest. After this trip I have great respect for all mountaineers and climbers, for them the Everest base camp is but the beginning of a super adventure which after reaching that point I realize how great they are. As you ascend to the top of Everest, that’s another tale entirely.

I look where my guide is, and I see him in the middle of a glacier at the bottom of the mountain and I quickly signal him that I’m going there. I begin to descend on some rocks much more slippery when I reach the bottom and see the most spectacular glaciers in the world, the happy one as a small child skating in the middle of the lake, he tells me that he is very careful. I start to tread as the ice breaks, and I ask him if that is very deep and he says no. Step after step with great care I gain confidence and in no time we end up skating on the ice making videos and enjoying one of the most special places of the whole trip. At this moment I think about the camera and at the same time that it makes me a little angry, I think that maybe if I had had the camera I would have easily gone on my ass for wanting to take pictures with it on ice.

We begin the return to the Pyramide the accommodation where we are staying and he tells me that we are going to return to the part with the best view. He always gets ahead a lot since for him this must be super relaxed so I follow him keeping him in sight at a distance and I am calm taking photos, I put on my headphones and start listening to music to set the mood for the walk. Full of joy I think about many things, about my wife and how much I miss him, about my parents and brothers and how happy they are to hear all my adventures, even about my grandparents I thought which I don’t think I have imagined.

We return to the lodge, and it is getting terribly cold, they don’t feel like anything if not to be in the blankets, I take the opportunity to read a little, relax and try not to fall asleep so as not to damage the night. As soon as the cold and laziness pass, I begin the daily ritual of filtering the water, I am already getting the pleasure of filtering my own water and being much more aware of electricity consumption since here you pay for everything. I take the opportunity to load the computer and to fall behind in some work, incredibly at this point the MacbookAir continues to work super well, and I can somehow do the most important things that I have pending. I’m glad that at least I didn’t bring the trip computer no more, as I thought when I started the walk.

Tomorrow we will begin the return, which we will make right to Namche Bazar.

Day 8 Return to Namche Bazar

Funny how yesterday I thought it was a heavy day of hiking, obviously I did not plan that what took us 7 days to climb my guide wanted to return in 2. We started the early walk back to Namche Bazar and I as if I had forgotten the last days I completely forget that from Namche bazar to the place where we stayed close to Everest base camp it took us 3 days and my guide for some reason wanted to do it in just 1 day. Like every day, we started walking for hours when my ankle began to hurt more and more from the boots that had been bothering me for days. At one step softer I tell my guide that if we could stay in a closer town to rest and he assures me that all these places are much more expensive. I begin to understand that they must have some kind of agreement with the owners of the lodgings where they earn commission for taking tourists, for which he wanted so much for us to get to Namche. I tell him about the pain and we stop at a small house where a very nice old lady offers me a tea, I take the opportunity to rest my ankle, and apply “Tiger Balm” which has become one of my mandatory medications of every trip, I take a parapet with tea and after resting for half an hour we headed again.

With the fact of having reached the goal the day before, the mentality changes a bit knowing that you are only going back, but I take the opportunity to reflect that we must take advantage of every moment, the ascent, the descent, the arrival as the departure, everything is part of the process and that is what each experience consists of. The stop with the medicines feels very good to me since after a while I stop feeling the pain and we continue walking and walking along the same familiar roads that we traveled up the previous days. The day goes by we pass the inn in Dingboche and after a few hours we arrive again at the inn where I stay in Pangboche for lunch. I take the opportunity again to take off my boots and rest, and after the typical rice with vegetables I take the strength to continue. We continue the path and the afternoon falls quickly, I realize that at almost 5pm we have been walking almost all day. Already exhausted, I ask him if there is much left and he assures me that we are almost there.

After a while I start to see the entrance to Namche Bazaar and I am just as happy as if I was coming home. We arrived at the inn where I could sleep in the Buddhist room but this time I could have my own room and today I needed it because after walking for more than 9 hours and 37km my body did not give more. I wanted to take a hot bath and go to bed right away.

Namche to Lukla