Agriturismo Italy

Agriturismo is a combined word of both Agriculture and Tourism with its origin all the way from Italy. It usually involves any kind of agricultural setting or attraction that brings in foreigners as tourists usually to a ranch or farm land. This could include a large operation from buying directly from a farm stead of animals or farm produce to putting up with accommodation as well as breakfast on a farm. More like being in an hotel only that it happens to be on the farm.

In Italy, dating all the way back to 1985, agriturismo is usually regulated by the law of the state. This law states the necessary requirements to befit the title of agriturismo.

An agriturismo is simply a farm holiday home designed to harbour guests and tourist and usually consist of the presence of rooms and practically the type of hospitality you happen to find in a regular hotel accommodation. There is the availability of restaurants were your favourite dishes could be madeto suit your comfort as well as large expanse of land in case of a family get together or picnic of some sort.

Mobility around Agriturismo:

Take for instance an agriturismo in Italy- amidst vineyards, olive groves, hills or mountains; the availability of cars or trucks for your mobility is present as this enables easy navigation around the farm home. Fear of getting lost should not be a problem as there are guides to accompany you around as well as sign posts to guide you through out your cruising experience in agriturismo.

History of Agriturismo in Italy:

The Italian history of agriturismo began in the year 1965 though the very first and official highly recognised farm holiday home was established in the year 1973. Farmers who included agriturismo to their daily farm activities discovered the willingness of tourists to spend extra and huge sum of money for holidays in rural locations to enjoy holidays with their loved ones. Aside from the presence of sophisticated delicacies, tourists actually prefer to purchase locally made meals such as wines from the farms vine, mutton and beef cooked freshly and not packaged, extracted milk and honey from the farm cow or goat and bee hives all located on the holiday farm home.

Agriturismo in Italy helped farmers with low source of income from running just farms make a lot more by turning their farm houses to holiday and tourist sites. They give every foreigner a local experience and this is enjoyed mainly by those of high calibre who practically grew up in big cities and tall buildings.

Agriturismo is highly regulated due to certain the economic incentives available to the producers and to carefully address the issue of restaurants and hotel sectors.

What Delicacy can be found during Agriturismo Vacation?

In Italy, Agriturismo locations get to serve their guests locally made meals and not processed ones. Every meal that could be found in an Italian Agriturismo is made from the freshest and healthiest of their farm produce. This enables you eat healthy and sometimes could change your diet after you return home from patronizing processed meals to eating fresh made meals.

Such delicacies that could be found are cheese, honey gotten from honey combs on the farm, freshly extracted milk from the farm cows and goats, fresh beef and mutton from animals killed for the purpose of cooking, wines gotten and made naturally from the farms vineyard without colorants or preservatives like those you get to see in the city. Their meals and drinks come all natural and nourishing.

Italy based Agriturismo to pay a visit on your next vacation:

1. Agriturismo Casa Clelia

Agriturismo Casa Clelia is located at the very base of Mount Canto, Sotto II Monte in Bergamo, Italy in a quiet but old country home, superbly modernised. This Agriturismo has quiet a healthy surrounding in accord with its native scenery. On location, a manor house could be found dating way back to the early 1600’s while an 11th century building sculpted from a convent as well as a kitchen garden happen to be present on this Agriturismo site.

Present in this Agriturismo location is also a Legania room meant for receptions of all sorts as well as a banquet hall. The fire room also known as Camino room provides a first-hand romantic enclosure for a dinner or romantic date. During summer, it is quite interesting to eat or relax outdoor as it gives a crackling feel of nature and warmth.

It highlights the presence of farm animals as well as free Wi-Fi which can be accessed for the total duration of your stay.

2. Agriturismo Ca’ de Memi

Farm house Ca’ de Memi has its foundations in Padua which is set between Venice and Treviso in the Northern part of Italy. With a big garden and courtyard behind, it is quite known for its love of seasons and the very simplicity of attractive fascinations.

It is only a few kilometres from Veneto and Treviso which happen to be neighbouring towns around as well as been surrounded by the most significant cultural terminuses in Veneto which is just about 30 kilometres apart.

Sleeping is quite enjoyable in their cosy and wooden-floored rooms.

3. Masseria Uccio Agriturismo

Located in Tricase, Puglia; is a chilled 17th century farm house for tourist with free breakfast of fresh local breads, cheese and fruit and picnic areas for family relaxations. It is set upon a hilltop and is surrounded by olives, orchards and vineyards.

Originally owned by a couple who had returned from Milan to renovate their passed down farm stead to an enjoyable and fun retreat location for tourist all over the world to have a feel of the natural habitat.

It comprises of decorated walls and tiled floors with well-built wooden furniture which creates a perfect pitch. To pay a visit to the beaches of Gallipoli, the possibility of renting a boat is available as well as a bike to ride while exploring the coastal tracks.