Things to do in Morocco

If you are wondering about the best Things to do in Morocco you have come to the right place. Morocco is a remarkable country of mixed African cultures, as well as European and Arab influence. It is a distinct destination for holidays. The country provides a significant amount of culture, history, and art with a great geographical landscape which incorporates the Sahara Desert, the Atlantic coastline and the snow filled Atlas Mountains.

The coast and countryside of Morocco have a lot to offer to keep tourists or travelers fascinated. This article would tell you about the fun things to do and places to see in Morocco.

  • Marrakech;

When visiting Morocco, your visit would be incomplete without you checking out the imperial city of Morocco located underneath the Atlas Mountains which is known as Marrakech. There are a variety of things to see and enjoy in this remarkable city.

One of the most delightful places to check out is the Jamaa el Fna which is in the middle of the city. There are several snake charmers, magicians, dancers, storytellers and peddlers that are certain to get your attention and keep you entertained. When it gets dark, it transforms into a food market where a variety of the most extraordinary edible delights Morocco has to offer can be purchased and enjoyed with the calm desert wind.

The traditional African cafe terraces and markets known as the souk can be located at the corner of Jamaa el Fna. There are also a variety of gardens and hotels alongside narrow streets waiting for you discover. All these are bound to make your visit an extraordinary one.



  • Casablanca;


This is the commercial center of Morocco. It is the next fun place to check out in Morocco after Marrakech. There are various things to be done and seen in this diverse city which includes palaces and museums as well as the second largest mosque worldwide.

If you ever visit Casablanca, you should ensure you pay a visit to the Hassan II mosque which is situated on a platform that has a view of the Atlantic Ocean. By far this is one of the highlights of the country and one of the best Things to do in Morocco.  This amazing mosque was finished in 1993, and it allows non-Muslims access to it. The mosque can take up to 25,000 worshipers who worship on a glass floor which provides a great feeling of praying above the sea. The courtyard of the mosque can take up to 80,000 people, and everyone is allowed to observe the beautiful building from there anytime they desire.


You can also check out the Morocco Mall which is one of the largest centers for shopping situated in Africa. This shopping mall provides a wide range of food options as well as designer clothing. It also has enough to keep anyone occupied all through the day. There are also indoor aquariums that have small sharks, an indoor fairground, and also indoor ice-skating.

The city of Casablanca has a host of other activities everyone is certain to enjoy.


  • Fes

This is the most ancient city that can be found in Morocco. It is a world heritage location. The culture and energy in Fez can’t be found anywhere else in Morocco. The Fes-el-Bali is a crucial place to visit if you plan on getting the best of your visit. Due to the way the streets are arranged, it is best to get a tour guide to help you with movement as well as pinpointing the crucial locations and keeping you informed of the history behind it. Guides are not that expensive to hire, and it is money well spent.

The Fes el-Bali is a place that brings about a special experience. It is made up of a variety of houses which can be gotten into using drop ladders. There are various monuments and fountains, mosques, royal gardens and workshops of the local craftsmen to check out. There are a variety of things to be experienced in this city. The crafts work to be found here includes rainbow glass lamps, leather- work, tiles that can be seen at stalls all over the district, beautifully colored Moroccan slippers among others.

There is a massive gathering of shopping activities west of Qaraouiyine Mosque. It is also where you can locate the choauara tanneries of Fes. Here you can observe the way animal skins are dyes traditionally which is the initial step before the production of various leather products of Morocco. There are also remarkable spots for pictures on the rooftop of the leather shops around the tanneries.


  • Chefchaouen


This city is situated in the center of the Rif Mountains of Morocco. It is sometimes known as Chaouen. It is a place that is quite appealing to the eyes and comes with accommodation which is budget friendly in the very relaxed scenery. The majority of the buildings and the streets are sky blue in color. There are majestic mountains to be seen at the end of each cobbled street. The main square is filled with tourists and locals who interact with ease as well as a lot of cafes.


The best spot to drink some tea and observe your surroundings is the Plaza Uta el-Hammam which is situated at the center of the medina. Cafes and restaurants here overlook the walls of the medina and the grand mosque.

As the sun sets, food stalls come up and provide various forms of snacks. The cafes, as well as restaurants, make available western food as well as traditional Morocco food. There are also outdoor sports available because of the Riff Mountains which makes is a great place for hikers as well as visitors. A majority of the marijuana in Morocco is grown in the Riff Mountain. Visitors are sure to have great experiences checking out these places.

  • Morocco Desert

Obviously the Sahara desert is one of the top places on everyones list of Things to do in Morocco. Unfortunately getting to the actual desert is a little out of the way from most mayor cities.

The Sahara desert of Morocco is a great place to spend some time. One of the most recognized places to check out include the sand-scape known as Merzouga which is to the south of Erfoud. The town of Merzouga can only be accessed by cars, and it is a dusty town situated at the corner of the Moroccan desert.

There is not much to see in the town itself asides from some restaurants, cafes, stores and little shops. But this town is the passageway to the remarkably beautiful Saharan desert. There are camels available to ride into the dunes, and visitors can enjoy the music and food of Berber. There is also the capacity to ride on quad bikes or the ship of the desert. This beautiful sandy area of Morocco is sure to leave you wanting more.

  • Essaouira;

This is a fishing port which is relaxed and safeguarded by the natural bay. The 16th century Portuguese recognized this place as Mogador. The recent city of Essaouria was developed in the 18th century to enhance trade exchange. It is known for its windsurfing as well as kite surfing.


For protection against the blowing sand and the wind, parasols are always used. This port is a home to a variety of little arts and crafts industries which include woodcarving and wood making.


  • Rabat;

This is a remarkable and friendly city in Morocco that has a rich and long history. There are a variety of things to do and places to visit in Rabat that is certain to keep you very occupied.

Firstly, you can pay a visit to Chellah which is an ancient city that is fortified and buried deep in Rabat. It was neglected in 1154 and later completed by a sultan of Meridian. It is a place that is filled with various history and provides visitors with the opportunity to check out Islamic and Roman ruins.

If you are a fan of animals, you can also pay a visit to the Rabat zoo which was opened in 2012, and it is a home to more than 130 kinds of animals which can be observed by visitors. The zoo which is spacious with a very relaxing environment is home to a variety of reptiles and mammals. The city of Rabat has a lot to offer to keep visitors and tourists alike occupied throughout the day.


  • Tangier;

Is also another remarkable city with various scenes to take your time. You can pay a visit to the Grande Mosque of Tangier which was the location of a Roman temple and was later transformed into a cathedral after the conquest of the Portuguese.


It was then turned into a mosque in the eighth century because of the central location of the building. It was then changed to a church and back to a mosque again which makes it a valuable part of the history of Morocco. There are also other places to check out in Tangier like St. Andrews church and Kabash.

The above are some of the best Things to do in Morocco that offer a variety of things to do which are certain to provide you with a memorable experience.

Things to do in Morocco