Advice For Bringing Young Children Along On Vacation

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Everything changes the day you have children, as most parents know. But it’s also important to understand the practical realities that can come along with other considerations in your life, such as how things change when experiencing a vacation with your kids.

Bringing children along on vacation often demands a much different schedule and willingness to plan than you may be used to as a solo traveler. Everything, from simply walking the streets and staying safe, making sure you are protected or that you speak to a pedestrian accident lawyer is only used when put in harms way, understanding the development of your schedule, and being clearer about what you activities can and can’t keep up with is essential.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few measures you can use for getting the most out of your new vacation efforts as loving parents. Without further ado, please consider the following advice:

Traveling Nearby & Simpler

It’s important to note that traveling with a family becomes more expensive, for obvious reasons. While you may be able to save money by utilizing group and family vacation deals, as children are often seen as a good impetus to attract families (and their money) to certain locations, you may wish to offset the costs by other means, too. For instance, traveling nearer to where you live and with simpler circumstances can help you prolong your stay and the frequency of your vacations.

From heading on camping trips to the local cost of your home or nearby countries, you can alternate your travel effort (such as driving instead of flying), and avoid issues such as needing to exchange currency while there. This may do until you save up for the ‘larger’ expenses provided by indulgent vacations.

Daily Scheduling

Daily scheduling is an important consideration to make when you have children. When you’re childless, you can pretty much conform to your own whims. Any parent knows that this quickly evaporates when you have children to take care of. Now, heading out in the evening for a meal may mean that coming back to your lodgings at around 10pm is the absolute maximum you can push it.

Other times, considering the amount you have to walk around certain attractions and bringing pushchairs for your children or carrying them is essential – meaning that accessibility and refreshment/restroom areas are key to know about ahead of time. This way, you can maximize your time when out and about, and from there cater to any necessities going forward.

The Travel Experience

When you have children, travel efforts become less flexible. Road trips will no doubt be accompanied by your lovely children constantly asking when you arrive (it’s just what we do as children), and it might be that breaking up long trips into accessible travel efforts with breaks and even overnight stays in between is essential. 

The travel experience, be that via driving to a new destination and investing in a top-box for your car luggage, or slowly helping your children become comfortable with plain travel bit by bit, is key. In some cases, providing entertainment such as music for the vehicle that appeals to children, or even providing portable films within the in-seat screens can provide a huge boon. Plan for your travel experience ahead of time, including with blankets, toys, and refreshments to help your children enjoy the process.


It’s important to consider what accommodations are in place when on vacation, of course, but when you bring children along your needs may be different. For instance – how welcoming is a given resort of children? Is it designed around families? Or are you likely to feel unwelcome there?

Again, the specifics of your lodgings count. How many single beds are there? Might it be that your children have to share their own room, or can they enjoy one-each? What are the soundproofing levels like from room to room, and are your children liable to cause a problem with other guests if they just act like normal kids? All of this is worth considering and even asking before you make your trip, as well as any other concessions you may need to consider.

With this advice, you’ll no doubt make the renewed vacationing experience perfect for you and your family, enjoying your time abroad or even in a local environment much more readily. While it’s true that you may need to alter your approach especially compared to other travels you’ve had in the past, there’s nothing that suggests you need to have less fun.