7 Tips for Vacationing and Working at the Same Time

Man working at laptop on vacation – Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Everyone needs a break now and then. But even when traveling, vacationing and working at the same time are sometimes necessary. So here are some tips for keeping up.

Make Sure You Have Internet Access

The internet is a vital resource for modern business. It allows you to use cloud-based apps, communicate with colleagues and clients alike, and attend remote meetings. So, you need somewhere with internet access when on holiday. Therefore, camping is out of the question since you won’t be close enough to a Wi-Fi or cell phone signal. You could go glamping, of course. But check the internet access when deciding where to glamp since the reception might not be good enough for your business needs. Yet most resorts offer adequate internet access. You may also want to follow expat travel writers like Anne and Carl Deane in whatever location you are visiting as they tend to have the lowdown on the places with the best amenities. 

Don’t Mix Vacationing and Working

The number of hours people work has steadily increased since 2000. Currently, 10% of the population work too long. Long hours are hazardous to health. The physical and emotional stress of too much work can cause severe issues like CHD, diabetes, and high blood pressure. So you must take a break. However, don’t mix business and pleasure if you need to work while away. For example, you could perhaps forego an afternoon cocktail if there’s an important meeting scheduled with your manager or a valued client. It’s just unprofessional.

Don’t Forget Your Remote Work Essentials

When working away from home or the office, you must take what you need. First, you will need your laptop or work tablet, whichever you prefer to use. But don’t forget extras like a webcam and microphone. Most laptops come with these built-in, but not all of them. Without these, you won’t be able to communicate via the popular video conferencing apps that most companies now use. Additionally, there might be other essentials you use for work. These could include digital artistry pads for graphic design, trackballs for CAD, or even VR headsets.

Consider the Differences

Being on holiday means you won’t be as prepared for work as you usually are. But, conversely, anyone you need to communicate with at the office will be in full work mode. So you need to plan for the differences between your vacation and your business or employers. Such as:

  • Time zones: schedule meetings accordingly.
  • Reliable equipment: make sure to take what you need.
  • Professionalism: attend remote meetings appropriately dressed. 
  • Disruptions: find somewhere quiet for conferencing.
  • Motivation: get into the working mood before communicating with colleagues.

No one is saying that your vacation needs to be all work. That would defeat the point. But when interacting with colleagues or doing work, it helps to stay professional. For instance, no one will take kindly to you attending a remote meeting with a sombrero and a Mai Tai at 9 am!

Check Subscriptions to Apps are Up-to-Date

Most modern businesses rely on one or more apps. Apps for business range from simple scheduling to complete CRM solutions. But most require some kind of recurring payment for continued use. In most cases, your employer will pay for these. However, if you are the employer, a digital nomad, or a freelance sole trader, then the responsibility is yours alone. Therefore, it’s good to check that your subscriptions are up to date and won’t expire while away. Fortunately, you can always find reliable alternatives if you are stuck for cash.

Stick to a Set Time for Vacationing and Working

Like staying professional on video calls and such, it’s helpful to split your time between your holiday and work. You might also have your family with you, and it isn’t fair to work all through your family vacation. Therefore, a good solution is to work in the morning or evening, whichever is best for any time zone alignment. Then you know you can spend the rest of the time doing fun things. Either alone, with your partner, or with your children. It would be a waste of a vacation to work right the way through, and you won’t get the relaxation your mind and body need.

Try Not to Work More than You Relax

If you need to work, that’s OK. Some people have great responsibilities. But working all through your much-needed and deserved vacation time will just take away the value. As a result, you will return to work feeling just as tired as when you left. And undue stress like this can lead to burnout. Burnout is becoming recognized by the medical community and increases the chances of severe conditions. Burnout-related issues include depression, tiredness, and self-doubt. All of which will ruin your work and home life. So make sure to get some relaxation time.


Even on holiday, you might need to work. Of course, the most important thing is an internet connection. But also don’t forget any accessories. And balance work and vacation time.